Wow, I am feeling this. NO, not because its like sexo con ropa. Because he moves well. Oh, but remember “no homo”. Men! You cant control who LOOKS at you. Shit, he doesnt want men looking at HIM ogling him? Think how women feel!

I love watching kids play. My siblings and I used to make movies with a video camera the size of a small car.
I enjoy play videos because they show both an awareness of the rules of the dance and video making and a willingness to break them. And like when my cousin and I would get dressed up as and take pics, its a sort of role playing where kids get to test out adult roles, try them on see how they fit then discard them. Or to just do things that are fun but not acceptable in Real Life.


I laugh sometimes to think about back in the day when I first moved here. The criticism of my dancing was that it was, like me, too stiff. Ironic considering that no one who has ever seen me move would use the word stiff.
Im watching that perreo video again and thinking about my little one giggling at me the other day. I was sitting here with 2 books on my head and walking around and even bending. She thought it was punny. The friend who immortalized me as “La Reina del Merengue” commented on it one day when we were discussing dominican merengue tipico music vs merengue bomba and I sent videos that showed how the differences in music were expressed in the dance.
How do you manage to move the upper and lower half of your body as if they were totally separate? What others saw as stiff, he saw as pretty interesting. The majority of the motion is seen from the ribcage down.The momentum is all concentrated in the hip area so the action of the upper and lower body only shows in the swing of the hips. And the motion is like a figure 8, no like a moibus strip.

Who the hell needs shoulders? LOL

Oh what the hell, Imma go off topic. I regret that people see this and can only see SEX. I am looking at the motion, the form, the undulation. Imagine a red rubber ball placed on the body and set in motion. To me, perreo is most beautiful when you can imagine a ball rolling on the persons body, and it NEVER falls off. No matter how you pop, stop, turn or move, the momentum keeps the ball rolling smoothly along its path. When I watch the hips move, I am watching the arc they draw through the air. I am watching how the motion comes up through the foot, into the hip, up the torso, goes from one hip to the other in a figure 8 and down the other leg to start over.

Im too bored to edit, off to find videos

So I go to my mothers to enjoy some pool time. (That means-“Give my daughter rides on my back as I wish I could get to swim for once”.) I mention to her that she was mentioned in an article. I see a fog of haughtiness roll into the room, settling in the vicinity of her head, threatening to engulf her. Like a naughty puppy, this amuses me and gets me going.
“heh heh, now the world knows you do the Detroit Dog”
“the dance, the detroit dog”
“what is that”
“i told everyone you would deny any knowlegde of such a thing”
“there as a dog, but not the detroit dog”
“you told me DETROIT dog, where would I have come up with that”
“no,i dont think so”
“yup, denial. dont wanna be busted out. have the world know you didnt always live in suburbia [actually, she did] and that you were once illbehaved and danced and cussed”
“i admit to cussing, everyone knows I cuss.thats my specialty, my indulgence”
“and you did the dog too”
“no, but what was that movie, the college one, spike lee. thats when the dog came out”
“no mother, remember when I was a kid and we moved here and the atomic dog was out? you mentioned it then”
we go back and forth for a while, she denies ever hearing any dance named any sort of dog, detroit or otherwise. she only heard of a dog dance whenebver that movie with the colleges came out. (after some thinking we decided on School Daze but the dance was Da Butt)
i’m smirking, which for me is the equivalent of dancing and frolicking and saying “WOOT”
finally she tells me to call her sister, my aunt saying she would know.
“did you ever do a dance called the detroit dog?’
“not the detroit dog, it was the dog”
“my mother told me the detroit dog, but now she doesnt remember”
“she says there was no such dance”
“yes, we did the dog. she says she doesnt know of the dance?”
“{mothers name} knows how to do the dog, we used to do it”
Mother pipes in “ASK HER WHEN IT CAME OUT”
“when did it come out?”
“uh, 62 or 63”
me HA! HAH! HA HA HA!! HA! Mother HA! I TOLD YOU.
“let me speak to her”m she says demanding to talk to her sister

I hear her muttering.”…when you bend down and they get behind you…”
HA!! SEE. Confirmation. IT WAS THE SAME DANCE!!!!!!

I rush to get a notebook and pencil so I can record the conversation.”I have to write this down..’yes. {mothers name} knows how to do the dog’. HA!”

Mother reads the article and makes a comment about her age.”What about my age?”
“mother, the issue was that this is nothing new. every generation has a cow about what the young crop of teens and 20’s are doing, but its all the same. your mom freaked when u did the dog, u freaked when I did the atomic dog, and my generation freaks when their kids do the dog”
“except they dont call it that”
Naw, its PERREO! Perreo, perreo papi perreo!
“And even before then. Oh no, Elvis! Oh no, Little Richard! OMG, people are touching when they dance. How scandalous. The WALTZ is satan’s dance!! *gasp* *sigh*”

I was kind enough to neither dance nor show her a photo of Ivy Queen.

She glared as I smirked and read aloud what I was writing.She finished reading the article,”Well, my name wasnt in it”
“What? Dont you want to be part of HISTORY? Mother, I am recording the conversation with my aunt. This is a cultural study, an interview. An oral history, Im learning the story of assorted black urban dance forms in the 20th century.This is priceless.”
*she makes a point of ignoring me*
“I’m like the guys travelling the rural south taking down the life stories of the old bluesmen. Like the folk in dominican republic getting the inside dope on bachata.”

She was not convinced. That did not deter me from very studiously and seriously reading aloud my transcript of the conversation.

My mother is a well rspected person in the community. She has written an annual series of columns for the newspaper. She has a few short stories published. She is a champion of the children and has worked for the past 30 years with students. She wears pearls and collects shoes and occasionally attends mass and is nice to her housekeeper. She has no desire for people to know she once did the dog.

I want people to know. If this woman did the DEtroit Dog and she turned out to be quite the old boring upstanding salt of the earth person that she is, maybe the shit aint that bad. Except she spawned ME. And hell,Im the goddamned image of propriety.(No, really, I am. All polite and I never curse and I looked so cute today in my capri pants and brooks brother shirt and neat little leather satchel. So Hepburn.)

It is a family trait. Outwardly we are the image of proper appropriate middleclass educated feminity (except I dont wear dresses or pink or pastels or lace or ruffles or anything remotely femine, hmmmm. Im too FIERCE for that kinda frippery. Hepburn, Kate not Audrey)Well, we look and act the part. But it was my GRANDMOTHER, she who could make ice shiver, who informed me one day,”I dont know why people make such a fuss about these boys in their sagging pants. Back in my day when I was young, all the men wore their big low baggy pants and zoot suits. It was the style. Everything comes back”. It was my MOTHER, who said the same about rap and the Atomic Dog,”I dont know why they make such a fuss about this, we did the DEtroit Dog when I was young and it was the same thing”. And now me,she who fakes the funk so well that her coworkers excuse themselves when they curse in her presence,”Perreo, perreo whats the big deal? We did the nasty girl when I was a kid, it meant you put your crossed hands on your breasts, ass then crotch and thrust each time. And of course, the Atomic Dog.”

*Imagining my greatgreat grandmother* “Jitterbug? Cakewalk? Back when my mother was a child they wore nothing but mudcloth and shells and did this thrusting dance every spring to attract a mate. TATTOOS? That was nothing, my husband’s tribe tattooed their whole bodies and smoked jimson weed before going on vision quests”

Ain’t it?
I have 13 minutes to get this done before I drive to Unnamed Christian School to retrieve my daughter. I mentioned that because I thought it was funny in light of what I intend to write.

I was at home during lunch and decided to watch my post with the men perreando. As I again admired it and checked out the last video in this article (I was tipped off that I had been mentioned, thanks Raquel. I gotta show my mother the print out and say BWAHAHAHAHAHA MOTHER!! You’ve been found out!)

A friend commented on the article and then said-“It’s a little bit of a myth that everybody used to dance such and such a way when they were young.” and then some random friendly chatter.(Don’t want to make him seem like the bad guy just because Im using his post as a jumping off point to BITCH.)

I replied- “it aint a myth , we all did, since slavery, since before maynbe you didnt, but we did and have and never stopped’. Hey, I was cranky and hot and had to go back to work.

11 min..

Yeah, we did. And in a general sense, meaning don’t take it personally folk, I get sick of white folk ie The Man, stressin us about how we move. New? This shit aint new. Ever since they hit our shores- here and in Africa, Christian Europeans have been having a damn cow about the way we move.

I replied- Nothing new Neither the sexual content of the music or the dance and especially not European Christian attitudes and opposition to it. From the moment this country was “discovered” this has been an issue, from the moment Africans were brought here this has been an issue. So the point was, this didnt suddenly appear out of nowhere and the paretns and grandparents and greatgrandparents who are aghast or seem to be, had the exact same thing going down in their era. As far back as we can recall.

But, Imma use your quote (if u dont mind and I give u a proper pseudonym) to go off on a rant and bitch about external criticism and the endless shrieks of “civilization is ending because of the oversexualized behavior of the blacks and latins. making too many babies, dancing too nasty, not wearing enough clothes, singing bad songs”

White folk, in the general sense, have been flippin out about dancing since when? Since when have they NOT? Since perreo? Since Elvis? Since slavery? Since they came out with scandalous partner dances in Europe that allowed people to TOUCH.”OMIGOD, the WALTZ, its so NASTAY”. Civilization is coming to an end.

Listen, he isnt comfortable with it. I respect that. If I go to a secluded village in the Pacific or South America and am told I need to wear nothing but a grass skirt that covers my genitalia, Im gonna freak out. And I dont mean like Le Freak, C’est Chic. (Though that would make a great caption if one ever takes a photo of me in said skirt). I dont trip when my Muslim friends feel embarrased about wearing a dress that shows some ankle and no head covering.
Im sayin, dont make ME cover my head. And I wont make anyone else put an item of clothing, like I dunno, a MUMU, on over their nakedness.
I like the videos because I like watching the way the boy moves to the music, he both emphasizes the beat AND shows a bit of the flow of the song with the rest of his movements. I liked watching the kids dance perreo because its so cool how they can both lock in on the beat and coordinate their motion. It is, in its own way, as elegant and beautiful as ballet or anything else synchrinized.

Gotta run

Wow, I am tired. Went out dancing. I am pleased to have found some shoes that work well and look good, I didnt throw a shoe at all last night, I rarely remain shod the entire night when dancing.

I sort of let the hair down on a pair of Etienne Aigner oxfords with a 2.5 inch heel. They fit well, have a heel and are secure enough that my feet dont slip inside or come off the soles. I hate walking out of my shoes when I dance. And, suprisingly the outer sole was perfect for dancing, enough slip but not too much slide. Plus, they are available at Macys so I didnt have to go search for dance shoes that look good with jeans.

One of my friends has been working on his bachata so we danced 2 very nice dances, I was about to ask him when he said. “i’ve been practicing”. That was pretty awesome, we (I) looked hot. And my other friend and I did a perfect merengue set, 20+ minutes and not a misstep, no bobbles, no pauses, no fucked up turns.

While looking for info on square foot gardening this am I saw a frog and decided to look up coqui tattoos which somehow led me to a video I hadnt seen in ages.

THIS, is what Mr Spectacular should have been doing.

I’ve written a lot of stuff about men grinding and the “THATS GAY” comments it inspires. Well, sometimes it is a style that is not the female style of dancing, definitely male, but maybe a little NOT male. But usually, from what I have seen, young women think it is sexay. My ex boytoy does this stuff all the time with the comment, “Im secure in my sexuality”.

Ok, I’ll agree that this first one is a bit gayish, not that it at all matters, because of his hands and arms. But like many of the female commenters, I think the boy can move. I wish I could turn it around and swing it down in one fluid motion like he does at :18 and then at 0:20 he still doesnt have to stop when he switches up. He is very good at being fluid AND still popping at the right beat, his motion is neither too sinuous nor too angular.

Next guy, more in line with what one would see at a club playing reggaeton and filled with Boricuas and Dominicanos. I dont know what it is, but Im sayin the DomiRican blend is fiah. Either alone is cool but I think some of the wildest shit comin out of PR these days is there via the DR.

He looks so young it burns my eyes to watch this, but he is good. He rocks and pops his hips well and everytime I watch him get into it I start dancing in my chair.(If you slide the rump toward the edge of the chair you can move your foot enough to get some good hip motion, and its easy to do the torso stuff while sitting. Ask anyone who is unfortunate enough to be in the car when I drive) The female commenters all have the same reaction I do- they want to dance with him. He really does make you want to jump in and join the fun.

I get irritated watching it because it feels like his shorts are keeping his knees from moving.

Um, papito, put on some draws.His later videos suffer from his notoriety, most of it involves his dingle dangle doin the Boricua Bounce. MORE DANCING! We need more dancing less peen. OTOH, we girls do appreciate some eye candy, IMO “gringo” media producers FAIL when making content for women. We may not want to see naked genitalia, but there is definitely an appetite for male SEX objects. Not heart throbs, man meat. Junk. Stuff.

I hate the desert. I lived in an arid place once, tumbleweeds just aren’t meant to roll down the street.Its wrongness.

I also now hate Mad Maxism in videos. I ban it.

So what IS up in this video? W&Y in dune buggies racing toward some sort of wraith? Hey, one is dark. Points given. Is this like the post apocalyptic version of the race scene in Grease, you know when ChaCha (the best dancer at St Bernadettes) whips off her scarf and eggs the guys on?

WAIT! A Party, people dancing in the sand. That beach aint got no water. You know, the desert sun is hot. You guys need hats and the chicks might want some shoes. It looks like they take more clothes off at night, um, y’all know its cold as shit at night in the desert, right? Bottom line is you better cover up!

Discos aren’t hot like deserts, more like swamps. I think I saw Kimora and Aaliyah in that video. And a dark chick, maybe someone has been reading my blogs.

Boring song, boring video. Point for the girl and for attempting to be different. Points off for the apocalypse and everything else.

Talk about arroz com beans, what the hell is the name of this song? I keep wanting to call it Mujeres in the club.

This song is pretty fuckin hot and amazingly, the addition of an english language rap artist doesnt totally fuck up the flow. Folk have seemed to figure out how to integrate the rap into the existing flow and not just paste some shit on top. “YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHUHHHHHHH”

I saw this video today on tv and had a moment of my usual distaste for 50 Cent. I think I called him a thug ass mofo. Now, I dont think of W&Y as thug as mofos, why is that? Is it because 50 is a negro? Actually, being an American rapper is only part of it, its that he wears Fred Flintstone tshirts and athletic shoes. W&Y have tucked in shirts and boots on. Actually, I think one of them does have on tennis shoes.

I suppose I am showin my age, or class or both.(I was going to say Im just a fuddy duddy, but I do know ppl my age who do wear tennis shoes all the time) Because I hate athletic shoes worn as street wear. I can tolerate them with shorts, thats ok. But I cannot stand athletic shoes with jeans or khakis. And I cannot stand untucked tshirts. Not long untucked ones. I can tolerate it like if you have to pay your Walton tithe,or get your car fixed or something. On men. Women are only to wear athetic shoes at thegym, the park and the plant nursery. I have spoken.

Seriously, I have a guys number in my phone and I never called him because he was wearing a baseball cap, LONG shorts (WTF?? I guess they were manpris, didnt Jams go out of style 20 years ago?) and some sort of tennis shoe. Even my brother, even my “kids”, even my idiot former boytoy wear real shoes and a tucked in shirt when going out to a club or party.

I perceive men in casual clothing at night as overgrown teenagers, and I perceive men who are overgrown teenagers as thugs and hoodlums. AND I consider it disrespectful for a guy to step to me in his play clothes when I have taken the time to get dressed in “appropriate” attire. And yes, based simply on his shoes and being tucked or untucked, I make an instant judgement and decide we won’t click. I am trying, though it may not seem that way, to keep it from being a negative judgement and not ascribe negative attributes to men simply because they appear to not be a good fit. “Just because it aint what I would do dont make it wrong”

I encounter a lot of $150 jeans and $80 tshirts, I am quite aware that wearing this is not an indication that a person just threw any old thing on and that some “too casual” outfits probably cost more than my dressier ones. But hell, until this year my family still got dressed up in our holiday best (old school style) for Easter, Christmas and other family gatherings and I still blanche when I drive to my mothers at the holidays and see people gathering at other homes, all decked out in jeanery. *shrug* I need time, thats all.

(But 50 is still a thug ass mofo, ok?)

I have TOTALLY ruined the fun. Oh well, let me continue. I’ll post the video before the blahblahblah to save you the trouble of searching for it in all this chatter.

Ok, so to the ppl who made this video. Listen, the Apocalypse Dembow? Its over. Done.Dead.Old.Tired.
I’m sayin I dont want to see ANYMORE FUCKING IMAGERY THAT REFERENCES THE FALL OF CIVILIZATION. Yes, W&Y, that means you. Franco- I’m talkin to you too. NO MORE BOMBED OUT EARTH, NO MORE WAR ZONES. OVER. DONE. Tired. We need a new vision. Can I see some sun? I’ll be happy with some old school beach party or poolside videos.

Other than that, the song is pretty good and I don’t want to admit it because I was trying to blacklist W&Y because of the last cd they did which I didnt even bother to review.