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I hate the desert. I lived in an arid place once, tumbleweeds just aren’t meant to roll down the street.Its wrongness.

I also now hate Mad Maxism in videos. I ban it.

So what IS up in this video? W&Y in dune buggies racing toward some sort of wraith? Hey, one is dark. Points given. Is this like the post apocalyptic version of the race scene in Grease, you know when ChaCha (the best dancer at St Bernadettes) whips off her scarf and eggs the guys on?

WAIT! A Party, people dancing in the sand. That beach aint got no water. You know, the desert sun is hot. You guys need hats and the chicks might want some shoes. It looks like they take more clothes off at night, um, y’all know its cold as shit at night in the desert, right? Bottom line is you better cover up!

Discos aren’t hot like deserts, more like swamps. I think I saw Kimora and Aaliyah in that video. And a dark chick, maybe someone has been reading my blogs.

Boring song, boring video. Point for the girl and for attempting to be different. Points off for the apocalypse and everything else.

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“maria lola vete”
well, maria lola se fue
Grupo Mania is on fire. Now, they had a few missteps with their last few cds, but they seem back on track. No pun intended.

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