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friki1Im so lame. Im holed up in my house being chatted up by a young DominiRican (cant decide? get both in ONE!) and NOT out celebrating FrikiFriday. But I cannot abandon the tradition. Rather than make a playlist, I will post whats iTunes is playing right now. Mostly its some high testosterone Wisin y Yandel.

Mami Tu Me Domina- Wisin y Yandelicioso with a lil headbanging reggeton.

La Calle Me Llama- Doble U y Yandel


My song, Entregate

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Oh, all the people who get to my site by searching for these phrases will be so pleased.

I find these videos while searching for songs, sometimes a track has no video but someone has made a video of themself dancing to it. I suppose I should be scandalized to see the kiddies shaking their goodies, but I’m not. I have a ton of pre YouTube videos of myself dancing. And yes, like these you can see my desk, my dresser, my bed and so on. In one, I was working on what I intended to be elegant salsa steps, but my kids’ escaped hamster bumrushed me, running from under the dresser past my feet and under the bed.


I like watching young girls dance.Its not sexual. I also love gymnastics- floor routines and the rhythmic gymnastics as well. I enjoy the athleticism and I know the sort of skill it must take to get your body to do what you want it to do. Having said that, I will state again that I believe few young girls and women can dance as well as an older woman of comparable skill. 🙂 This is when some people tune out and mumble “sour grapes” to themselves.

I assure you it isn’t the case though in our culture few can believe that a woman of 38 wouldn’t trade places with one of 18. (Not for all the money in the world!!!) Unless they are athletes or dancers who have trained their entire lives, by 25 or so most women still haven’t got the muscle control and muscle memory to smooth out the raw skill and technique. And many who do, when it comes to being sensual, haven’t yet become fully comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality and frankly lack the experience. I’m better than I was 10 years ago. In part due to spending an hour a night for about 3 years isolating every single body part. In part due to dancing to every song in every style I knew- I’d listen to a merengue and dance it once PR style, once DR style, once straight up ghetto, for example. And part of it is just that I’m confident and accept my body and am not inhibited- do i look fat, skinny, ugly, am I sweating etc.

I like watching other girls the same way I like watching a kitten play, knowing what one day that immature grace and flexibility could become. And I like seeing them just have fun! And if I see a move I wan to steal, or how they do something “wrong” that I do as well, I can fix things.

(Speaking of skill and grace and strength, have you seen Felix Cane? She is AMAZING!)

This series of videos tickled me because she is in the kitchen. I guess thats the only place with good lighting and a space for her to rest her camera. She’s got good moves, but her torso isn’t fluid enough.

When certain moves are done right, its like playing with that wheel toy. The motion is completely fluid, even with pops and breaks.You balance your weight right and move and a spectator can visualize a ball or wheel on your body, moving as you dance, never once stopping. Kinda like when the gymnasts have those balls on their arms and stuff. Ok, thats just how I like movement to be- sinuous, fluid, undulating. I’m aware that not everyone shares my Freak Dancing Aesthetic.

And by the way, thats one thing that irritates me sometimes. People go out and dance perreo and do ANYTHING. They dont seem to understand that there are rules, there is a certain aesthetic, certain moves go together and with certain sorts of music. They just start popping, grinding and touching themselves because thats all they can see. Kinda like little kids who scribble lines to mimic Chinese writing(forgive me for not knowing the proper term) because they cant see there is a SYSTEM there and not just lines,



Hey, is that Latin Music? It is. We get to watch Gymnastics though the movement isn’t exactly what I wanted to show you.

Sorry. I got distracted.

Ok, this is closer to what I mean.

He does a good body roll, notice he sort of flicks his foot to prevent himself from coming to a stop at the foot, then pushes the wave back UP the body.

This is pretty much how we dance perreo, the body motion, not so much the squats and booty up part. Im laughing that people would need to take lessons to club dance. But I shouldnt since I just stated that there are indeed RULES to this.

This brother and sister pair do a very good job. A lot of people are freaked out that they are siblings. I can see why. But I can kinda see it because he keeps a bit of distance (this is relative, you know) and rarely places his entire hand flat on her skin, doesnt grind on her ass and keeps his face away from her head and neck. When she is head down ass up he is obviously trying to not touch her. This is apparently HER video and HER practice and she needs a partner.LOL

I think she is the best I have seen so far online! Maybe because she has a partner and it allows her to shift her weight onto him as needed. When dancing alone the balance is off and it looks (and is)awkward.

HEY, I dont know WHAT goes on in their house, but I have done what she is doing to a friend as his girlfriend watched. I have done it to other women. It is theater.  For me. For my friends. We play our parts and give 100%. My guess is she wants to get good and needs a partner to practice with and her brother is good, convenient and Safe.

Now I know its a stretch, but do people react the same way when a brother sister pair dance tango and are all up on each other?  I dunno

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