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I hate to jock another site, but really, I subscribe to and listen to all of the podcasts from Corriente Latina.

This is the page with the list of their podcasts and the subscription options.


Hey, the new one is out, Blast Boogie- The Beast PT 12. Its mad hot so far.

Another favorite is-
The DJ Wheelmaster Rob Episode (Wheelmaster Mixx Pt 2) is pretty hot. It starts with what sounds like a snip of Ojos Chinos, then goes to Ella Me Levanto. Then Ahora Es, which I cant resist at all.Tito El Bambino and Olga Tanon appear,then a lil Fiddy, which I try not to skip. Then, wtf, A Dios Le Pido? Hey, it works so why not. Then lil Mr Arcangel and Algo Musical gets us back into a reggaetonish mood. La Vecina segues into the salsa version, the transition to El Gran Combo was a little ugly, but I’ll give it a pass. But the fact that this is a Christmas song DOES throw me.

He goes down south with some Adolescent’s Orquesta, or is that Pasion Juvenil? I cant recall, anyway its some salsa romantica in the AO vein, and then Persona Ideal. I LOVE that song and have at this point forgotten that we started with reggaeton! One complaint, the songs are GOOD, but a little too much reliance on los Adolescents.Still, Por Que Dios Hizo Tan Bella is classic. Then we get some serious ole school Nuyorican Salsa. But what the hell is this technopopwhatever the hell it is song? Fortunately it is the last song so I push stop when it comes on and not miss anything.

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Bugalu Podcast

A bugalu podcast from AfroPop.


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