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(this focuses on the lyrics,I’ll get to the music in another post)

I admit, I’m not a fan of the female voice in general. The female singers I like, tend to have deeper lower voices. In effect,they sound like men.

But I love my girl Ivy Queen.I will even overlook her use of my name “Bandolera”,though really she has a ton of other monikers she could use instead of mine : La Diva, La Potra, La Caballota. We even kinda look alike, if I were to lose too much weight and wear more makeup. BUT I AIN’T HATING.

People talk about her looks, and yeah, maybe her fashion is a bit in need of CHANGE but the girl has bust her ass working in a very sexist ,male -dominated industry, has had to take care of herself and I THINK an ill mother. (I’m sure I heard this once) The pressure to not just rap, but be hot and pretty is enormous. Who wouldn’t starve, get implants, buy hair etc. Whatever it takes.Don Omar and Hector don’t have to be skinny. Jon Eric doesn’t have to be skinny. Calle13 don’t have to go buy tits to keep the fans from saying they aren’t attractive. Daddy Yankee doesn’t need weave and who cares if Tego has naps.But let a WOMAN be fat,black and nappy headed…

So I’m kind of like, “Yeah, she looks a lil tired and bedraggled. So what?”. I don’t even know her,but I’m protective of her. She is US, every woman.ME! Tired, overworked, stressed, getting old in a world that worships youth, dealing with heartbreak and the glass ceiling but she’s fuckin’ DOING IT!!!! I got nothin’ but love for her.

Most women I know love Ivy Queen because she says what we women want to say. She lashes out at the no-good ,dog ass men who have broken her heart and mistreated her and then, she goes on to have FUN anyway. Pffttttt to them!

Now, one thing that bothers me a little is the focus on ,”You dogged me,left me lonely but now I have another man and you are crying for me”. To me, it still makes it as if having a man is the focus of life and without one, any one, that a woman cannot be happy. I mean, can he not dump her and then she be happy and alone and he not be crying for her? Is our happiness as women dependent upon the men who hurt us being forlorn and rejected by us later?

But, on the other hand, how many songs are there where the dude is carrying on and on about how he is all that and wonderful and how no man can compare? As an Answer, the songs of Ivy Queen are perfect. Burst the guys’ little egocentric cocksure bubbles; let them know that there are more where they came from. Or as I say,”Honey, there is an island full of you and as far as I know, your model is still in production.Everyday little boys are being born, there IS no shortage”.

And the men sing the same sort of spurned,scorned lover revenge fantasies so I cut her some slack. Anyway,c’mon, lets admit it- We all do kind of want the person who breaks our heart to later be gripped with ferocious remorse and regret and then pine away for us as we dance our nights away with someone WAY better. And um, yeah, we look GOOD AS HELL as we perreo all night long with the new person. Eat your heart out.

So go on girl! When they are dogging women left and right, crying about “abusadora” and how wronged they are, speak out for US, your girls!

Quiero Bailar

See, I LOVE to dance. Salsa,merengue,bachata, reggaeton. Sometimes cumbia. And I dance pretty well and a bit provocatively. Usually its not a problem, other dancers dance pegao and understand that its A DANCE and it means NOTHING.Has nothing to do with morals, sexual desire or availability. We dance friki friki because we like to dance. Punto.

Yo quiero bailar
Tu quieres sudar
Y pegarte a mi
El cuerpo rozar
Yo te digo si tu me puedes provocar
Eso no quiere decir que pa la cama voy

…Que los dos tengamos que sudar que sudar
Que bailemos al ritmo del tra tra
Que me haga fuerte suspirar suspirar
Pero pa la cama digo mira na na na

Porque yo soy la que mando
Soy la que decide cuando vamos al mambo
Y tu lo sabes
El ritmo me esta llevando
Mientras mas te pegas mas te voy azotando y eso
esta bien

A mi no me importa lo que muchos digan
Si muevo mi cintura de abajo para arriba
Si soy de barrio o tal vez soy una chica fina
Si en la discoteca te me pegas y te animas

Dile- An answer to Don Omar’s “Dile”.

“You want me to tell him that I’m in love with you? Ok, then tell HER that we’re in love”. Men want u to declare that you belong to them,but then they ain’t quite ready to cut off THEIR other action to do the same for you.

Porque no le dices que nos queremos (queremos)
Y que yo te toco (toco)
Y que de eso tu sabes que te vuelves loco
Y acercate suave pa tenerme a mi.

Que tu me quieres y que yo soy tu nena
Y que todas las noches te pasas pensando en mi
No se si es un castigo o un gran problema
No importa el que diran si yo vivo pensando en ti.

Te He Querido Te He Llorado-

Man, I couldn’t have taken the crap she did.I’d have walked over and whapped him, his head would be bouncing off the side of that chair.I always feel sorry for the character in the video. I mean, she looks like CRAP and her man is dogging her. “LOOK AT YOU GIRL!! LOOK AT THE OTHER CHICKS!! OF COURSE HE’S CHEATING!!”. But you know what it is, she’s so VULNERABLE.She comes off hard, but she says always, “I’m a woman, I love you, you hurt me”. How can you NOT feel for her, no matter HOW hard she appears? Even a bad girl is still a girl.

Te he querido, te he llorada baby
Y la vida te he entregado
Y tu te burlas de mi, me haces sufrir
Me mientes asi
No soy de hierro
Yo soy una mujer
Y ahora vas a entender
Cuando me veas con el
Sufriras como yo asi tu lo veras
Y en tu vida nadie te quedra
Lo que hiciste me la pagaras
Si en mis manos tuviera un puñal lo usaria
Y la vida yo te quitaria
Por dejarme tan sola y vacia
Por mi madre que te arrastraria, vida mia (dale)
Todas las promesas ya se acabo
El fuego que quemaba se apago
Los besos que me dabas se los llevo
Nada quedo ahora vengo yo

Tuya Soy-
Shes telling her man, she’s his, but that she isn’t quite so stupid that she believes him when he declares his love since the evidence says he’s out catting.
And love or no love, she’ll be OUT if he cant get it together.

Ya yo me cansé que me digan mentiras,
No quiero un hombre que me venga a engañar;
Tu sabes que tuya yo soy
Y mi corazón yo te doy.

Tu me dices
Me dices que me quieres y me amas
que como yo nadie te roza en tu cama
pero porque tiene esa marca en tu piel (oh yeah)

Ese lapíz de labio
Explicame de donde salió
Porque esa no soy yo
Tanto cariño que te doy
Acaricio tus cabellos
Y los besos que te doy (que te doy)

Ahora tu me tienes que explicar
Porque si yo te amo tanto
Tu me tienes que engañar y jurar:
“Mami yo solo te quiero a ti
yo no tengo mas ninguna
porque tu eres para mi
you’re my queen”

Espero que las noticias que vienen hasta mi
Todas sean positivas
O tu lo vas a sentir
Pa’ que no juegues con las mujeres
Y mucho menos con un corazon que te quiere
Si para ti todo es juego que te entretiene
Pues hasta aqui llega lo nuestro
Y no te me alteres, no te quejes

Cuando no me vengas
Tu te vas a lamentar
De una vez te digo
Que tu te arrepentiras
No tendras mis besos
Ni tampoco mis caricias
Ni la forma que lo muevo
A la hora de bailar

Tu me dices
Me dices que me quieres y me amas
que como yo nadie te roza en tu cama
pero porque tiene la marca en tu piel

Si me dicen
Mis amigas que te vieron en la disco
Hablame claro
No te pases de listo
Si yo me entero se que vas a perder…

Gee people are mean. I found in her WIKIPEDIA entry a note calling her a drag queen. I guess I will edit that out.
Also, as I mentioned she did take care of her mother who had breast cancer.

That sense of style and of fun is what Queen wants to share with those girls that have found inspiration in Martha Ivelisse Pesante, who overcame an impoverished background to take care of her mother Santa and five younger siblings; fought prejudice in what is still a male-dominated musical genre, and rose to become the star that she is today (the Ivy, pronounced“eevee,” comes from Ivelisse).

“I’ve been working with Ivy for almost 10 years now, since the release of En mi imperio (In My Kingdom), her first solo album, and what I most admire about her is her sense of responsibility” says from Puerto Rico George Velázquez, Queen’s executive assistant. “She has encountered many obstacles in life, and yet, she has always surmounted them gracefully.”

Ivy Queen doesn’t wallow in selfpity as she talks about her difficult childhood years, when her family experienced hunger and her parent’s divorce. More recently, her mother fought breast cancer. And her own marriage to longtime partner and producer Omar Navarro collapsed, providing Queen with material for her music: how to pick up the pieces of one’s life and move on.

And move forward she has. As befitting her diva profile, Queen herself has become more polished and glamorous. Butch-like street wear gave way to sexier outfits; breast augmentation built confidence; and her “they-are-so-long-howcan- she-hold-anything” four-inch polished fingernails went short.

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