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Daddy’s House

What a fucking inane article!


We’re not sure where Daddy Yankee got his name, but he must be regretting it by now. For someone so dedicated to keeping his family life separate from his celebrity status, he doesn’t complain about hearing both his son and crowds of teenage girls scream “Daddy.”

Uh, sure. First, his son probably calls him “papi”, second, that’s ridiculous. Third. go fucking look up the origins of the man’s stage name.

But then, the “Big Boss” has always been an erratic parent. Every other interview, the father of reggaeton likes to emphasize that his latest album is “not just reggaeton.”

First, homey didn’t father reggaeton.Second, his cd ISN’T just reggaeton and for fans of reggaeton, selling it as if it were ole school would be a mistake.

We know you’ve got your own fragrance these days, but don’t be so quick to disown the barrio style, Daddy. The music you sired may be responsible for a lot of unwanted pregnancies, but it just needs a little guidance.

Um, I guess he is trying to stick with the theme of DY as “Daddy”, but that’s just stupid.
He sired the music? Its responsible for a lot of unwanted pregnancies? WTF?


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From the “Post Pomo Nuyorican Homo”, a little something about the the whole Daddy Yankee endorsement of McCain.

Quedate Callao

Its good to see some attention being paid to the artists who do more than sing about sexo y culo. (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Why 69 would expect someone who chooses the name Daddy Yankee as an expression of his dominance to NOT be all about US politics, I dunno.

Reggaetonero SieteNueve has released a tiraera pa Daddy Yankee due to his endorsement of John McCain. The song called “Quedate Callao” asks how much money Daddy Yankee got to sell his people out and lead them into war over “gasolina.” The chorus say “Mejor quedate callao si vas a hablar por los otros” (roughly:“it’s better that you stay quiet if you’re going to speak for us”).

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Yea, I’s sure someone else said it first, but I couldn’t resist.
So Daddy Yankee “endorses” McCain? Interesting.

I respect the desire to attract a “diverse” group of people, and that he is targeting young latinos, well I guess maybe I can approve.
But Imma call BULLSHIT. What happened to family values? It all flies out the door when you want some votes, huh?

Hey, I love reggaeton. But cmon now people.

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Hmm, interesting article from the BIllboard en Espanol blogger Ian Malinaw..  I enjoy some of the more electronic/techno reggaeton. But so far, I dont like the new Daddy Yankee release, Talento de Barrio.

But what the hell is this guy talking about

So when reggaeton superstar Daddy Yankee released earlier this summer “Pose,” his newest single from the soundtrack of the movie that he produced and starred, “Talento de Barrio” (due out this month), I was relieved because I know that he opened the doors for the genre’s evolution.
With the new cut – a spicy fusion of electro-dance-pop and hip hop – the self-proclaimed reggaeton king left ‘dembow’ behind and embraced a modern music blend that’s burning charts everywhere, taking the genre to new musical heights as he puts it on the world map.
The result: La crème de la crème of reggaeton – Wisin y Yandel, Don Omar, Hector “El Father,” to cite a few – are following in his footsteps and this in turn is creating a new, successful hybrid brew driven by electro-dance beats that is also drawing a broader audience.

Daddy Yankee opened the door for the evolution? Um, ok. This is not the first electrotechnodancedembow song ever and nor the first one in recent years.

Wisin and WHO are following in his footsteps? I think the author has his timeline all wrong.

As reggaeton’s top ambassador, though, the interpreter of the mega hit “Gasolina” carries the torch of the urban movement and is in charge of its future, making sure it remains up-to-date and relevant to a whole new generation of music fans.

Ya know what Im gonna say, go play Arcangel or someone. But really, DY??

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I don’t actually LIKE this song, but i find it so catchy and happy. This morning I happened to notice pianos. Duh. In all this time the fact that it was a merengue never consciously registered with me. Not consciously, but I always feel happy and cheerful when I hear the song, despite not liking it lyrically.

I have to make a distinction when I discuss lyrics between the sound of the lyrics and the meaning. I dont love the sound of the lyrics but it is enjoyable in this case. As far as semantic content? Its nothing, but not so much so that it takes away from my enjoyment of it. I just hear it as nonsense sounds. Which works just fine for me, as its a dance song.

Salsa may make me happy, sad, romantic, nostalgic. Bachata can make me sad, wistful or romantic. Reggaeton the same as above, but with the addition of freaky. But merengue always makes me feel happy,exuberant and festive.The song could be about the death of someones mother (or a plane that crashed on the way to La RD) I’ll still find it a happy cheerful song, and yes I do understand the lyrics. But the association merenge=happy, is quite strong for me.

The video, via you tube.


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I love this song. It starts off softly and its a bit melancholy. Its got a nice slow sensuous groove and the coro is really sexy. Seems he’s lost his girl and wants her friend to talk to her so she’ll come back to him.
See, THIS IS WHY reggaeton marketing fails. This is what we women like to hear.Its sexy and slow enough to dance to and be very expressive and sexy or up close with an adored partner.

I spoke to a friend the other night, a salsa DJ who was giving me lessons and playing some new reggaeton from the Island (Puerto Rico, there is only ONE Island). We were complaining about another DJ, who is Panamanian and played a lot of reggae and hiphop stuff. I was actually ANGRY because the music was sucking and a lot of women went and sat down.The regulars started clearing the club 30 min early when we realized that the music was NOT going to get better.
(Its NEW reggaeton OLD salsa dude, NOT OLD reggaeton NEW salsa. Sheesh)

The other friend was laughing at my anger, and he said, “When I DJ I make sure to keep the women moving. The women make the club. If the women arent happy, theres no club. You have to play stuff they like, not a bunch of hard hiphop stuff”.

See, I think that coming from a hiphop context, where men will get out on the floor alone and stomp and pump their fists and do their male war-dances alone and just get “crunk”, there may be a lack of understanding on the part of some DJs that in a latin club it is essential that the women participate. If we dont dance, the men dont dance. If we arent feeling the music, we sit and sulk or fix our lipstick and arrange our clothing until the music is good again. If we’re dancing and the song sucks, we kind of go limp.

So I am gonna tell all the club DJs, get this one. Its sexy, sensuous, and DY is pining away for the love of a woman and begging to have her back. Women will LOVE this. See, we live for men messing up and begging for us back. If you havent noticed, most reggaeton is some man begging some woman for SOMETHING 🙂

Ciao for now

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