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Daddy’s House

What a fucking inane article!


We’re not sure where Daddy Yankee got his name, but he must be regretting it by now. For someone so dedicated to keeping his family life separate from his celebrity status, he doesn’t complain about hearing both his son and crowds of teenage girls scream “Daddy.”

Uh, sure. First, his son probably calls him “papi”, second, that’s ridiculous. Third. go fucking look up the origins of the man’s stage name.

But then, the “Big Boss” has always been an erratic parent. Every other interview, the father of reggaeton likes to emphasize that his latest album is “not just reggaeton.”

First, homey didn’t father reggaeton.Second, his cd ISN’T just reggaeton and for fans of reggaeton, selling it as if it were ole school would be a mistake.

We know you’ve got your own fragrance these days, but don’t be so quick to disown the barrio style, Daddy. The music you sired may be responsible for a lot of unwanted pregnancies, but it just needs a little guidance.

Um, I guess he is trying to stick with the theme of DY as “Daddy”, but that’s just stupid.
He sired the music? Its responsible for a lot of unwanted pregnancies? WTF?

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From the “Post Pomo Nuyorican Homo”, a little something about the the whole Daddy Yankee endorsement of McCain.

Quedate Callao

Its good to see some attention being paid to the artists who do more than sing about sexo y culo. (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Why 69 would expect someone who chooses the name Daddy Yankee as an expression of his dominance to NOT be all about US politics, I dunno.

Reggaetonero SieteNueve has released a tiraera pa Daddy Yankee due to his endorsement of John McCain. The song called “Quedate Callao” asks how much money Daddy Yankee got to sell his people out and lead them into war over “gasolina.” The chorus say “Mejor quedate callao si vas a hablar por los otros” (roughly:“it’s better that you stay quiet if you’re going to speak for us”).

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Yea, I’s sure someone else said it first, but I couldn’t resist.
So Daddy Yankee “endorses” McCain? Interesting.

I respect the desire to attract a “diverse” group of people, and that he is targeting young latinos, well I guess maybe I can approve.
But Imma call BULLSHIT. What happened to family values? It all flies out the door when you want some votes, huh?

Hey, I love reggaeton. But cmon now people.

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