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odilio gonzalez

odilio gonzalez

Here is a track by Odilio Gonzalez, El Jibarito de Lares. He is one of my favorites. I can listen to this all day and all night, though I tend to listen to boleros and “jibaro” music more during the winter. I curl up on the couch under my chenille throw and stare balefully at the walls and sulk. Odilio along with Ramito, Chuito and Los Condes helps me make it until the sun comes back again in March.

Its cool, he’s been around forever, yet I saw him in Puerto Rico playing at a MALL.

Note the bachata feel of the song.

Celos Sin Motivo

Odilio was a favorite of many Dominican musicians who were instrumental (no pun intended) in the development of the bolero campesino aka bachata music aka bachata. They learned from him and copied his style. It certainly explains part of the Puerto Rican fondness for Dominican bachata, no?

I wont get into all that right now, go rent Santo Domingo Blues or find a copy of Bachata A Social History of a Dominican Popular Music. Sad black men sure can play the HELL out of a guitar,no?

Back to Odilio. I shouldn’t even be wasting my time here with you. I need to go sit barefoot on my porch, listen to Odilio and the crickets and consume sugar cane based intoxicants. I hope you enjoy it. I think its just beautiful and find it comforting.

Odilio Gonzalez- Celos Sin Motivo

Juan, this is for you. La Loma de Tamarindo. No, its not EGC, don’t whine. A commenter on You Tube says its a canto hondo de vieques. When I think canto hondo I think flamenco. It’s all cool. huh? From Andalusia to Santo Domingo with some stops in between. I wonder if this was the day I was at the mall??!

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Dime off the Eddie Palmieri Ritmo Caliente CD is a killer. The legendary EP is on the piano, and Herman Olivera, of Conjunto Libre fame, is on the mic.
I love this one because everything is so strong and clear, but with no histrionics and you dont get the feeling that they are working too hard at it. The song isn’t sung so much as interpreted, it is at once insistent and relaxed.


I think this was produced quite well, the piano and percussion are vivid yet they dont overpower the vocals. Everything sounds clean but not sterile. And I have to hand it to both of them, many of the older guys seem to lose their fire, but not these 2, they bring it!

Anyway. Don’t take my word for it, play the clip and hear for yourself. I sort of shorted Herman and let Eddie shine this time, if you want to hear the singing go buy the cd!

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