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The latest thing in Latino cooking is a little less Latino.

The growing political and cultural clout of American Hispanics has infused the collective American dinner plate with the flavors of the Latino kitchen. And it turns out that culinary cultural exchange goes in both directions.

As Hispanic communities have grown and increasingly rubbed elbows with neighbors, the American Latino kitchen has changed, too, adopting more of the flavors and ingredients of other cuisines, says Daisy Martinez, of Food Network’s “Viva Daisy!”

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Corona, it has been a good ride. You are so cool and refreshing and light; I used to love you. Just you and me on a hot day, with a few limes, what could be better?

We hung at bbqs, at house parties, at da’ club.It was good. And I thank you for the good times. But, I feel our time has come to an end.

I met your brother, and I think its love. He may not be as tall or as slim as you, certainly not as light. But I like ’em full bodied and dark!

I know this is going to be hard for you, but he is coming home with me tonight. He will be the one to listen to the crickets with me. He will enjoy the drama that is El Diablo con Los Guapos with me, and he will be the one to put me gently to sleep.

Oh, I will keep you around. But my lips, you will never touch again. Instead, I pass you off to one of my friends. Whether that is kind or cruel, I do not know. I have not forsaken you completely, it isn’t that I don’t love you, its that you are not for me. And I’m gonna hook you up, make sure someone still loves and appreciates you.

This must be hard for you to swallow, I understand. Your own brother? At least I’m keeping it in the family. For now. But I have ambition, and rumor has it there’s this Dominican thats’ just all that. And, he’s got power; you know we women love power! But until I switch to El Presidente, its the Negro for me.

I hate that it had to be this way.

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