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I love this song. It starts off softly and its a bit melancholy. Its got a nice slow sensuous groove and the coro is really sexy. Seems he’s lost his girl and wants her friend to talk to her so she’ll come back to him.
See, THIS IS WHY reggaeton marketing fails. This is what we women like to hear.Its sexy and slow enough to dance to and be very expressive and sexy or up close with an adored partner.

I spoke to a friend the other night, a salsa DJ who was giving me lessons and playing some new reggaeton from the Island (Puerto Rico, there is only ONE Island). We were complaining about another DJ, who is Panamanian and played a lot of reggae and hiphop stuff. I was actually ANGRY because the music was sucking and a lot of women went and sat down.The regulars started clearing the club 30 min early when we realized that the music was NOT going to get better.
(Its NEW reggaeton OLD salsa dude, NOT OLD reggaeton NEW salsa. Sheesh)

The other friend was laughing at my anger, and he said, “When I DJ I make sure to keep the women moving. The women make the club. If the women arent happy, theres no club. You have to play stuff they like, not a bunch of hard hiphop stuff”.

See, I think that coming from a hiphop context, where men will get out on the floor alone and stomp and pump their fists and do their male war-dances alone and just get “crunk”, there may be a lack of understanding on the part of some DJs that in a latin club it is essential that the women participate. If we dont dance, the men dont dance. If we arent feeling the music, we sit and sulk or fix our lipstick and arrange our clothing until the music is good again. If we’re dancing and the song sucks, we kind of go limp.

So I am gonna tell all the club DJs, get this one. Its sexy, sensuous, and DY is pining away for the love of a woman and begging to have her back. Women will LOVE this. See, we live for men messing up and begging for us back. If you havent noticed, most reggaeton is some man begging some woman for SOMETHING 🙂

Ciao for now

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I guess I wont mention anything from before 2003, for one thing is it what most ppl NOW consider reggaeton? And another thing- my entire collection of pre-2004 reggaeton is on the hard drive of one of my nonfunctional computers.

It irritates me a little that some of the songs are so NEW, but I think thats simply because the guys are just ON IT these days and getting better and better.

Let me see.

Noche de Entierro- Everyone Classic, just a great song.
Quitate Tu-Like the Fania All Stars of Reggaeton
Entregate- W&Y Sexual, Aggressive and HOT.
Mayor Que Yo- Everyone (not sure WHOSE song this is) This was at the top of my list till Noche de Entierro came out,sorry
Dile- Don Omar Love it!
Pobre Diabla- No one does emotional stuff like Don Omar.
Agresivo RMX- Everyone Sexy, sly and a lot of fun.
Metele Sazon- Tego This is my favorite driving song.
Te Encontrare-Tito El Bambino This is like a personal favorite, the one ppl know is My Song.
Everyone I play it for says “Can i get a copy”

And look, MEN DANCING and not nekkid gatas!!

Los Mate- Tego
Ven Bailalo- Angel y Khriz
La Fiera- Mario VI
Wiki Wiki- Yaviah
Tu Principe- Daddy Yankee
Noche de Travesurea- Hector y Tito
Lo Que Paso, Paso- DY

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