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My daily visit to www.wayneandwax.com led me to this little gem here -> The Beantown Boogie Mix from the Library of Vinyl Experience.

Shiiiit, this is taking me waaaaaaaaaaaaay back. Back to the days of Zapp, Gap and Roger. (They were always mentioned on the radio as if they were a unit. “Zapp, Gap and Roger”) Planet Rock, Play At Your Own Risk, I could go on and on about the songs from back in da day when I was but a princesa, not yet la reina.


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http://www.bridgezmag.com/ and http://perrealo.com/

Both strive to be the missing link, well not missing but forgotten. Latinos and African Americans have shared in the creation of each other’s music for decades now. But just as many people neglect to see the Afro in AfroLatin, a lot of people also arent aware of the Latino contribution to Hip Hop. This didnt just start with P.Diddy and Daddy Yankee y’all.

Felipe Luciano was one of the Last Poets and First Rappers. We’ve got The Real Roxanne and Prince Markie D of the Fatboys. Cypress Hill, Mellow Man Ace. We’ve got Vico C, a Puerto Rican rapper now considered part of the Reggaeton scene.We’ve got the Beatnuts.

I am a hard core merengue lover and mentioning the Beatnuts leads me to some of the hottest shit out there (to ME anyway) merengue hip hop. I love Magic Juan alone and with Proyecto Uno. We also have Los Illegales, Fulanito and Sandy and Papo representing the dance side of the house.

I see you laughing at the mention of the Fatboys up there, but they were trying, even back then.

“The most interesting track on the record may be “Hardcore Reggae,” a sincere attempt to bridge the similarities between Rap and Reggae and more significantly, between scatting Jamaican toast techniques and Buff’s Beatboxing. Sure, their Ja-Fakin’ accents are bad (though better than Miss Cleo’s) but what redeems this record is the high school essay format, which has them a giving a Reggae history lesson, inventorying the various aspects of Reggae records, and namechecking all the greats their research turned up (including Jamaican Fat Boy Jacob Miller…see his eating scene in Rockers).” http://www.roctober.com/roctober/fatboys.html

In addition to the known Latinos, there are scores of undercover latino artists in hip hop. Many apparently African American hiphop artists are Dominican or Puerto Rican or mixed- NORE, Lloyd Banks.

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