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Old school, new school- either way you arent learning anything nice.

Sir Speedy, Dj Blass and allll that….

Come to the marquesina, look in the cooler and get a few Heinekens and some Medalla, take off your chancletas and do things that will offend your elders. I probably am one of the elders, but considering the things I did when Patra was popular, I am not easy to offend.

This is killing.

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Because one post about perreando just isnt enough!

La Striper- Because La Sista knows what be up. But isnt this Agresivo?

Jowell & Randy Guayteo y DJ Blass
I didnt realize this was Agresivo as well.

FUCK IT,why go through all the “remakes” lets play my song! “tengo una gata que le gusta bien duro, siempre me piede fuerte pa su culo”.

Agresivo Remix

Zion y Lennox, Daddy Yankee- Yo Voy
I feel I should declare this lame,but I like dancing to it.

J King and Maximan- Changueria

Beso el la Boca There is WAY too much spankin dat ass in this video. I may have to play it a few times and watch closely to see whether this is appropriate to post. This video is so absolutely flagrantly, unabashedly, shamelessly wrong that its hot.*

Arcangel- Pistolon Remix

*I do have a major problem with the white folk in the fly house chillin while the hood rat niggas look on ignorantly and try to infiltrate the joint. And I cant find any particular combination of race for any party involved that I cant make WRONG, so Im just gonna sort of focus on the fact that its kinda hot albeit in a very very wrong way that I simply do not approve of. In fact, I approve of NONE of this. There, thats settled.

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Sometimes you just feel like getting nasty.

Los Guanabanas- Busco una mujer

Puta Cabrona Bellaca

Plan B- No Me Explota

Franco El Gorila and the Perreo Puro

J-King & Maximan Ft Franco ”El Gorila” & MJ – Zateria

Yaaaaaaaaviahh Wiki Wiki

Wisin y Yandel- Aventura

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