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A friend of mine has gone home to India for a few weeks. Hmm, more sarees for me? 🙂 I hope she has a great trip and as a Happy Birthday to her, I will repost this video that she played at her online going away party and a few others.

I like the dancing, I’ll have to see if I want to steal some moves.

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Ah, salsa colombiano. I love the swing and precision of many Colombian salsa groups. And sometimes I get tired of all the turn patterns and going in circles and want to do a little more footwork, a little more partnering. Yes, I know, its heresy. But I do not like turn patterns, it is fun to watch other people do, but when I dance I enjoy other things much more than the complexity of my turns. I like the interaction with my partner, mirroring one another, being in sync.  I actually would be ok with never doing another turn EVER. I like the SWING of Colombian salsa.

Check out this article about the new crop of young salseros trying to make it in Colombia.

And a few videos I’ve snagged. I confess, many of the Colombianos I dance with don’t go for all that jitterbugging and turning. They like to dance very close and very simply, which is nice because without all the focus on the feet and turning, you have to work harder to make sure the motion of the body is beautiful.

Ah, here we go- Im sure all my Cubans, Boricuas and Nuyoricans will HATE the first video.

A Shout out to Stefan Renz and his directory of Colombian music.

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