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Got a craving for some latin flavor? Indulge yourself here. I will just warn you, when accepting Leche, Salchica or even a Paleta from a Dominican singer, be sure you know what is being offered.

El Gran Combo with Arroz con Habichuelas

Raulin Rodriguez bringing the flavor of Arroz con Leche

A taste of Cuba- Irakere and Bacalo con Pan

More EGC, Azuquita pal Cafe

And El Menu

Jossie Esteban and El Salchichon

Chupa La Paleta! Oro Solido. Oro WHO? Oro Solido.

Y Hasta las quince- Oro Solido and La Leche


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A friend of mine has gone home to India for a few weeks. Hmm, more sarees for me? 🙂 I hope she has a great trip and as a Happy Birthday to her, I will repost this video that she played at her online going away party and a few others.

I like the dancing, I’ll have to see if I want to steal some moves.

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lfsI’ve been debating with some people about the latest by Wisin & Yandel and Arcangel among other things. Some people hear recent R&B. I hear disco. I mean, come on, El Amor by Tito El Bambino totally screams ABBA to me, totally Dancing Queen era music. And that new merengue version of Ganas de Ti by Arcangel? If that aint some Evelyn Champagne King disco era rollerskating shit, i dont know what is.

I dont hear them borrowing recent music so much as I hear disco and dance music that came out around when they were born. And speaking of dance, my friend Angelo just posted some Latin Freestyle songs that made me stop posting herbal info and made me switch from earth mother to dancing fool.

Right now he is playing (on his blog) Lydia Lee- DOnt Take Your Love Away. I may be a salsera most of the time but like Marc Anthony, La India, George Lamond and others my age, backin the day I was a freestyle fool.

Man, OMG, I still have my 12″ of Lisa Lisa- Can you feel the beat. I played “Beat The Feel You Can” so many times I havent had to play it in the past 22 years, I can still hear it!!  The feathered bangs? Check. Frosted pink lipstick and nailpolish? Check. Lace fingerless gloves? Check. Plastic bracelets? Check? Crush on hot rican break dancers? Check. Heehee. Yo, I was down for Shabba Doo and locally, there was Arturo and then Giovanni and Acid who were rocking shit in their parachute pants!

If you want to know what I was like when I graduated from high school- these videos tell you all you need to know. Of course my faithful readers won’t find that surprising. Its the people in real life who would freak out. Im wearing a beige Talbots sweater, beige Talbot capris and have my hair in a ballerina bun,tiny gold studs, unpolished nails and a tasteful pale pink on the hooves. Its my Clark Kent disguise. 🙂 On the inside Im more like that last video. Yes, I dressed like that. All of them, but especially Taylor Dayne. I was a naughty puppy.

Judy Torres- Come Into My Arms

Shannon- Let the Music Play HOT DAMN!!!

So I was like in love with Johnny Rosado, but he kinda liked me too and since he was a Bad Boy, I stayed away. But this song totally takes me back there.

Cover Girls- Show Me!!!

Expose-Come Go With Me

I never realized the lead singer looks just like my concuna Mari. Ah, the days of long ass Bongo skirts and cute boots.

Can I add Taylor Dayne? Imma sneak her in.I have full lips and red lipstick was my trademark. So I was known as Molly(as in Ringwald, and I did look a lil like her) until I was about 16 when it became Taylor Dayne. My lil sister would DIE if she saw this video, I danced in front of the tv  to this one NONSTOP. When she walks to the camera, stalks away and they do that lil dance at 2:13, LOVED IT!!

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I am SO glad to see Yaviah back on the scene!

Me La Llevo– Wisin y Yandel, Franco El Gorila and Yaviah- 4*
This shit is hot.There is still a techno feel and some vocorder action going, but its not as beat deprived as the stuff from their last cd. And Franco is delivering the cock diesel vocals as always. Plus Yaviah is there as sexy as ever. Very good song for dancing.

Jangueo y Aventura- Arcangel, Nengo Flow, Yaga y Mackie, Guayo Man & OG Black 4*
This one is sort of iffy, it takes a few for me to get into it, but once I do its on. La Maravilla is the best on the track, IMO.

Ganas de Ti Merengue Version- Arcangel f Los Galaktikos 4*
Mr Breathless is singing some merengue and it has a bit of a disco hustle feel. I’m pegging the beat as Dominican rather than Puerto Rican. Actually,its got a New York Dominican feel to it. He totally sounds like a girl and this totally sounds like the late 70’s or 80’s to me. Maybe this is his mom singing.

Do I detect some Funky Drummer in there?

Perfecto – Wisin y Yandel, Ivy Queen f Yaviah 3.5*
Yaviah is doin’ his thang. A lil more vocorder than I’d like though. And I’m getting tired of the spacey sound and would like a lil more organic in the skreets of the 3rd world BASS.

Ahora Es Remix Wisin & Yandel f Bimbo 4*
Bimbo is like Franco, he brings it but I wouldn’t let either one back me into a dark corner at a club, you know what I mean? Some shit is best when its kept on wax and off the streets. This is a pretty good club anthem, but Bimbo doesn’t really add anything to it.

Descara Remix- Yomo, Jowell and Randy. Guelo Star and De La Ghetto. 4*
Is this the new Mayor Que Yo? Are there going to be 12 remixes of this with every artist in PR adding a verse? I’m down.

La Loca- MJ 3*
Slow tempo, heavy beats, interesting flow. Nothing new or novel about it, but sometimes you want beans, sometimes rice. This is rice, a solid addition to my collection, good for listening to as I do other things.

El Amor- Tito El Bambino 4*
Shit, I don’t know whats wrong with me. I mean, it has like sparkly fairy dust sounds, violins swelling and blossoming into a Love Boat-esque explosion of love and happiness and shit. Oh wait, its cumbia (merencumbia?) I hadn’t noticed since I think of him as a reggaeton artist. My god this is like a 70’s disco song, it sounds like Disco + TransEurope Express *choo choo choo chook*. Do the Hustle!!! But I like!!

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odilio gonzalez

odilio gonzalez

Here is a track by Odilio Gonzalez, El Jibarito de Lares. He is one of my favorites. I can listen to this all day and all night, though I tend to listen to boleros and “jibaro” music more during the winter. I curl up on the couch under my chenille throw and stare balefully at the walls and sulk. Odilio along with Ramito, Chuito and Los Condes helps me make it until the sun comes back again in March.

Its cool, he’s been around forever, yet I saw him in Puerto Rico playing at a MALL.

Note the bachata feel of the song.

Celos Sin Motivo

Odilio was a favorite of many Dominican musicians who were instrumental (no pun intended) in the development of the bolero campesino aka bachata music aka bachata. They learned from him and copied his style. It certainly explains part of the Puerto Rican fondness for Dominican bachata, no?

I wont get into all that right now, go rent Santo Domingo Blues or find a copy of Bachata A Social History of a Dominican Popular Music. Sad black men sure can play the HELL out of a guitar,no?

Back to Odilio. I shouldn’t even be wasting my time here with you. I need to go sit barefoot on my porch, listen to Odilio and the crickets and consume sugar cane based intoxicants. I hope you enjoy it. I think its just beautiful and find it comforting.

Odilio Gonzalez- Celos Sin Motivo

Juan, this is for you. La Loma de Tamarindo. No, its not EGC, don’t whine. A commenter on You Tube says its a canto hondo de vieques. When I think canto hondo I think flamenco. It’s all cool. huh? From Andalusia to Santo Domingo with some stops in between. I wonder if this was the day I was at the mall??!

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Latin Vinyl

Vinyl Record

Vinyl Record

I’ve been over at the Latin Vinyl Junkie blog. Its way cool. I can’t get started on my “opus”, so I have a lot of respect for people who manage to get their collections in order AND online. Its a lot of work and he has provided a valuable resource for latin music lovers.

The Mission Statement

Latin Vinyl Junkie is first and foremost a collector’s resource that brings together a large amount of information from a variety of sources. With each entry I try to include sound clips, large pictures, price data, value ranges, ratings, and other select pieces of information that can help you quickly decide if a particular record is one that you would like to own or not. LVJ also features a long list of frequently updated Latin record label discographies, which can provide perspective on the full extent of a label’s (or artist’s) output, and open the door to exploring an even larger amount of music.

Definitely, if you are into classic Latin Music from the 70’s and earlier, go check this out.

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This is how we dance. Its why I keep that shit on the low low. My parents would die on the spot if they had any IDEA of what I do!

I reposted this because it is a good video to explain some perreo and freak dancing etiquitte. If you aren’t part of the scene or are unfamiliar with it, you may not realize where the boundaries are or that there are any. Reportedly this pair is a brother and a sister.

Now let me say this, I wouldnt do this with my brother nor let my kids do it. But I aint them and I am not here to judge if they are.

However, having read that it made me wonder if they were behaving for the camera.

What I am doing is pointing out some things that you may not see, but that will save you some heartache and headaches if you go out and decide to dance perreo.

I read once that to be modest, a Western woman suprised while naked will cover her body, a Muslim woman her face. (Allow me some slack and lets not argue about whether Muslim and Western are mutually exclusive terms).

In dancing perreo, it is similar. The rules are almost the opposite of what you would expect. Blatant sexuality is ok, grinding is ok. Being in close proximity to one anothers genital regions is ok. Its part of the dance. You know what they say about hookers- you can fuck em but not kiss em? Same here. This is about sexuality, not intimacy. Don’t be too familiar. That means no touching with the hand, no touching of the face and touching as little bare flesh as possible.

Let me point out some things he does to maintain a certain amount of distance and um, decorum.yes, I know. THIS is tame? No, its not at all tame. But I would feel comfortable doing this with a close friend while his girlfriend watched. Hell, I’d do it to her or let her do it to me. I HAVE done so.

(Said dance partner now has an American girlfriend who cannot imagine that us dancing like this means anything BUT we intend to have sex or want to have sex.That we enjoy the dance and the display and dont consider it a sex substitute is inconceivable to her.)

A lot of guys come to the club and get confused. To their eyes anything goes and they do things that women find offensive and they dont understand. I want to help you understand,not just when the dancing is tame. I want you to see where the lines are even when to you it seems like your partner is ready to let you strip her naked and sex her on the dance floor.

At 0:13, when he puts his hands on her hips, he does NOT place his palm on her hip. He does NOT place his fingertips on her hip. The instant he does, he immediately moves his hands UP and takes her hands.When they begin moving in unison, their pelvises meet,but she does NOT lean her torso into his and he does not lean into hers. He is not leaning onto her neck or with his head over her shoulder. Their is a fair amount of distance between his upper body and hers.

Also, her thighs are not touching his. She is not “sitting in his lap”.

In contrast, if I or another woman were dancing with a very familiar partner, a trusted one, it would be different. He would place his entire hand on my hip or waist, allowing his palm and fingers to rest on me. He would, when we were both leaning forward, let his upper body touch mine.He may even lean so close that his face was over my shoulder and next to mine.

At 0:44 she bends over and he does not press his pelvis into hers, nor does he place his hands on her back or shoulders. BRIEFLY, the heels of his hand (do hands have heels?) touch her back.  At the point where one would put the hands on the shoulders, he holds the bed. (In the club a partner would perhaps lean on a table or the wall to avoid leaning onto his partner)

You may see established partners do the same thing, but the males hands will be completely flat on the womans back and he will even move them and use them to guide her body, actually applying pressure. And her ass would be TOTALLY on his groin area. Sometimes the pressure is neccessary as the force of her dancing against him will require him to lean against her to adjust the center of gravity and steady himself. She has to have strong arms and use the floor to hold up their combined weight.

When they get up, he still does not touch her with his hand. The rule sort of is this- only touch (meaning with HANDS) when it is neccessary to do the dance.

When they are against the wall, again she maintains some distance between them as they dance. Their legs are not intertwined and he does not hold her waist, he rests his hands on her sides.

She turns and he is “spooning” her. Notice he does not place his arms around her in anyway, he moves in unison with her, but there is no touching of her shoulders and he damn sure doesnt put his hands on her thighs.

When she puts her feet on the wall, still he is hands off. When he turns her around and she pulls up her hair. He is still NOT leaning against her, not breathing down her neck.And when she comes close to touching his hip, again he grabs her hand. When she comes close to placing her hand on his head, she stops herself.

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