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Got a craving for some latin flavor? Indulge yourself here. I will just warn you, when accepting Leche, Salchica or even a Paleta from a Dominican singer, be sure you know what is being offered.

El Gran Combo with Arroz con Habichuelas

Raulin Rodriguez bringing the flavor of Arroz con Leche

A taste of Cuba- Irakere and Bacalo con Pan

More EGC, Azuquita pal Cafe

And El Menu

Jossie Esteban and El Salchichon

Chupa La Paleta! Oro Solido. Oro WHO? Oro Solido.

Y Hasta las quince- Oro Solido and La Leche

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A friend of mine has gone home to India for a few weeks. Hmm, more sarees for me? 🙂 I hope she has a great trip and as a Happy Birthday to her, I will repost this video that she played at her online going away party and a few others.

I like the dancing, I’ll have to see if I want to steal some moves.

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lfsI’ve been debating with some people about the latest by Wisin & Yandel and Arcangel among other things. Some people hear recent R&B. I hear disco. I mean, come on, El Amor by Tito El Bambino totally screams ABBA to me, totally Dancing Queen era music. And that new merengue version of Ganas de Ti by Arcangel? If that aint some Evelyn Champagne King disco era rollerskating shit, i dont know what is.

I dont hear them borrowing recent music so much as I hear disco and dance music that came out around when they were born. And speaking of dance, my friend Angelo just posted some Latin Freestyle songs that made me stop posting herbal info and made me switch from earth mother to dancing fool.

Right now he is playing (on his blog) Lydia Lee- DOnt Take Your Love Away. I may be a salsera most of the time but like Marc Anthony, La India, George Lamond and others my age, backin the day I was a freestyle fool.

Man, OMG, I still have my 12″ of Lisa Lisa- Can you feel the beat. I played “Beat The Feel You Can” so many times I havent had to play it in the past 22 years, I can still hear it!!  The feathered bangs? Check. Frosted pink lipstick and nailpolish? Check. Lace fingerless gloves? Check. Plastic bracelets? Check? Crush on hot rican break dancers? Check. Heehee. Yo, I was down for Shabba Doo and locally, there was Arturo and then Giovanni and Acid who were rocking shit in their parachute pants!

If you want to know what I was like when I graduated from high school- these videos tell you all you need to know. Of course my faithful readers won’t find that surprising. Its the people in real life who would freak out. Im wearing a beige Talbots sweater, beige Talbot capris and have my hair in a ballerina bun,tiny gold studs, unpolished nails and a tasteful pale pink on the hooves. Its my Clark Kent disguise. 🙂 On the inside Im more like that last video. Yes, I dressed like that. All of them, but especially Taylor Dayne. I was a naughty puppy.

Judy Torres- Come Into My Arms

Shannon- Let the Music Play HOT DAMN!!!

So I was like in love with Johnny Rosado, but he kinda liked me too and since he was a Bad Boy, I stayed away. But this song totally takes me back there.

Cover Girls- Show Me!!!

Expose-Come Go With Me

I never realized the lead singer looks just like my concuna Mari. Ah, the days of long ass Bongo skirts and cute boots.

Can I add Taylor Dayne? Imma sneak her in.I have full lips and red lipstick was my trademark. So I was known as Molly(as in Ringwald, and I did look a lil like her) until I was about 16 when it became Taylor Dayne. My lil sister would DIE if she saw this video, I danced in front of the tv  to this one NONSTOP. When she walks to the camera, stalks away and they do that lil dance at 2:13, LOVED IT!!

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