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Wayne over at Wayne and Wax is talkin the Dembow again. I wonder periodically what it is about the dembow beat(s) that is so appealing. I mean, of all the songs to catch on, what was it that made THIS one stick?

Well, I wont worry too much about that today. I’ve spent enough sleepless nights transcribing sounds and writing out the where the stress or “percussive” consonants fall just to answer questions that no one but me seems to care about. Dembow es lo mas pegao because its hawt.Thats a good enough answer for me.

Wayne has a paper there which is bound to be interesting, but right now Im having fun listening to the old DemBow and Son Bow. I lost my entire pre-1995 music collection *sigh* so this brings back memories. I loved reggaeton from the moment I heard it, but I never imagined it would blow up like it did or mutate in such interesting ways.

There are a few versions of Wisin and Yandel doin Dembow. My favorite Dembow is Yandel’s Remix from Quien Contra Mi.

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