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Is this a reaction to the new Wisin y Yandel and DY cds? Lets go back, way back but in the other direction. Less “ethereal” and more dirt and funk?
If I have to choose between the image of dancing hot and sweaty in some shack near the sand, or in a club with lots of flashing lights, I pick the former. Musically, I sort of like the new stuff but emotionally, it doesnt resonate as well as the stuff that brings to mind straight up nasty parties and cut off denim shorts.

Perreo Puro by Franco “El Gorila”, a piece of stripped down old school reggaeton. I like Franco because he pretty much hollers his entire performances.

Here’s El Castigo by Magnate and Valentino from Quimica Perfecta, seems they decided to throw in a bit of da ole school as well. I think its kinda hot. Kinda. Most of the vocals are so breathy and lacking in percussion that i lose interest, but the music is sort of slinky.That old school break, which some kids seem to hate, is the best part of the song to me.

Nely, El Arma Secreta has an instrumental of his Dirty Beat. Its rather nasty, I like it. He was born my senior year in high school. What is goin on?

Villano Sam Yo Quiero Una Morena

I suspect this will grow on me, or I will hate it. Right now I am torn, I dont like the rap parts too much right now, but the Dominican flow is one that creeps on me slowly, so I will give it time. Im feeling the music. I also sort of like vocorder type shit.

A song by Villano Sam and Vakero out of La Republica, dedicated to Obama. I’m not quite sure if I like the singing, but its growing on me. I can appreciate the sentiments expressed.

Voltio y Mas Loca Por Su Tiguere

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What am I listening to? Well, I am enjoying that new Angel and Khriz cd, quite cheery and pleasant. Fun. I like fun. Ven Bailalo was my SONG in Puerto Rico. I never said it but even my kids and everyone knew that was my JAM.

I adore “Carita de Angel”, got that a few months ago. I just got the whole cd a few days ago. I enjoy “Que nos vean” and “la vecina”, I havent gotten around to reviewing the entire CD, but so far I’m liking it. Not LOVING, but its a great cd to play while driving around town and fiddling with things around the house.

Angel and Khriz- Showtime.

Dalmata has gotten on my good side with Pegate Pa Qui. I normally dislike him, but this is a hot one.

Lemme see, what else? Yomo y Juan el Indetenible- “Dile Que Fui Yo”. I like that one a lot too. Its on my Early Morning WakeUp playlist.
Yeah,I have to get myself pumped to get up in the morning. Every day I drive to work listening to “Noche de Travesura”.

Eddie Santiago had some good things to say about reggaeton. Lets check it out-
Eddie Santiago Article
“He thinks the salsa of today needs a revolution. While it remains popular, younger artists are not recording salsa music and instead are choosing reggaeton, a blend of Jamaican dancehall influences with Latin America beats. Santiago enjoys reggaeton, which he said was new and different, but he said he feels salsa needs that kind of edginess to get it revved up.

Salsa needs someone new, in particular, the youth,” he said. “The problem is, the youth don’t identify themselves with salsa. We need young people in the salsa music.'”

Amen brotha E, Amen!!

Reggaeton aint dead y’all,though every article for the past 5 years seems to mention that its either dying or not dead. Sheesh.

Ivy Queen-

“Midway through her headlining set at the Reggaeton Explosion concert Thursday at the DCU Center, Ivy Queen said “I am not J.Lo,” and the sentiment was greeted like a victory speech, not an excuse or apology.

Unlike J.Lo, who specialized in crossover appeal between Latino and Anglo audiences, Ivy Queen and the other acts in the 5-hour reggaeton marathon were celebrating the emergence of a brand of Latino music that is spreading beyond a niche audience and, in the process, boosting the profile of Puerto Rican arts and culture.

While reggaeton is a pan-Caribbean blend of dancehall reggae and hip-hop, the genre has found its footing best in Puerto Rico, and the people of Puerto Rican descent make up the largest contingent of reggaeton fans (a fact confirmed throughout Reggaeton Explosion as artist after artist did national-origin checks, inevitably drawing the most thunderous roars whenever calling out for any Puerto Ricans in the house.)

The veteran Ivy Queen was in full diva form, strutting across the stage and brandishing signature claw-like fingernails as she commanded an audience that simply adored her divadom. ”

Calle Ocho!!!!
La India was the Queen, aww. And um, Pitbull? Well, hey, I aint hatin.
Calle Ocho 2008
Carnival Calle Ocho

Christian Reggaeton? Isn’t Vico C already doing that, or is that not reggaeton. Anyway.

God sings a duet with an everyday sinner, and the Latin urban and Latin Christian worlds collide, in “Me Arrodillo Ante Ti” (“I Kneel Before You”), by Divino Featuring Abraham.

The single is from “La Iglesia de la Calle” (“The Church of the Street”), a concept album released in fall 2007 on Luar/Machete that pairs secular and religious artists on reggaeton and hip-hop tracks.

Pop and urban stations alike have picked up the song, a pop ballad co-written by frequent reggaeton collaborator Divino and Puerto Rico-based Christian artist Abraham.

Divino (real name: Daniel Velazquez) sings the part of a man declaring his need for God. “It’s a song that I did thinking about myself and the people who don’t practice religion but do have faith, and who look at the heavens every once in a while and say, ‘I’m sorry. I’m here.”‘

HEY!! I said, in my 2008 predictions, that Arcangel was gonna do a duet with Satan. Is God doing a duet close enough?? Cmon, throw a girl a bone already.

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