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Yaviah in the 2009

Yaviah is back on the scene and featured on a new track with Wisin & Yandel and Franco ‘El Gorila’.



Love me some Yaviah. Check him out on MySpace. Its a TOTALLY homegrown bootleg sort of site. Free slideshow apps, banners from free online banner makers . You want him to do a show? There’s a Yahoo and a Gmail address you can use. I love it. Just a real person who happens to do music, promoting his stuff and interacting with his fans.

A treat for the fans, my favorite Yaviah songs.
Contacto- Yaviah

Wiki Wiki- Yaviah

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Photo borrowed from Reggaetononline.net

En La Mia

I’ve spent way too much time wondering, “Did his mama name him Yaviah or Javier? Was she on some weird 70’s naming trip?” As I suspected,his name is Javier, Javier Alexis Marcano Rodriguez to be precise. Now that THATS out of the way,on tothe music.

Yaviah seems to be unheard of outside of PR (that would be “Puerto Rico”).Maybe thats not actually the case, but thats my perception.Its Hector,its Tito,its Don Omar and Yankee and Tego. But it aint never Yaviah.Its a shame because I LOVE YAVIAH. He’s not new to the game, but it seems like the boy is always having some sort of issues that interfere with the music.

Yaviah’s lyrics aren’t for the shy, he’s pretty raunchy. But really, if you’re afraid of raunch,you’re listening to the wrong genre. Yaviah has what I call a “weed smoking voice”. He always sounds to me as if he’s just finished smoking something, I’m not gonna say its weed(but really y’all…). I like the rough,raspiness,its got a nice timbre- not too high,not too nasal,not too whispery.I was listening to something last nite, and I thought the singer sounded kinda like a girl.Sort of sexy,but barely masculine. Yaviah isn’t going to be mistaken for a girl or a little boy,thats for sure.

I really love his flow, its smooth. *scratching head* Rough AND smooth? Reminds me of what I say about Maelo’s “Traigo La Salsa”, he rides over the beat at a rapid pace yet doesn’t garble or mangle his words,doesn’t get out of breath and makes it look like childs’ play. Meanwhile,I can’t even repeat what they are saying at a normal pace without getting flustered. I have yet to master singing “En La Mia”, I mean, nowI have to SPELL??

I like his naughtiness, it comes thru on cd, kinda bad with a hint of humor.
In WikiWiki, I like the phrasing. I listen to the song just to hear, “papi, tocame el g-string” and then how he slides into “…sexo atletic”. I play that last part over and over.

Imaginarte tu diciendome
“Papi,tocame el g-string…
Estoy bien horny…
Vente como celtic…”
Pidiendo que te de licky…
Suave en el clitty…
Te di artistic…
Ataque epileptic..
(Flip flip, Bla bla!)
Sexo atletic…
Y los esprines..del mattresssssssss

I just think this is hot!

Ma, pide a tu muchacho que te de contacto, borracho a lo macho
Contacto, latigo al gato, en la loseta que resbale el zapato
Mami tu me matas o te mato
Pero aqui no va haber ningun desacato
Aprovecha el rato que esto no es reggae barato
Dame contacto, no me dejes intaco,
Que el impacto me vuelva loko en el acto

Legal problems have dogged Yaviah for a while now,but I hope that now that they are being resolved that he will come out with a BANGING cd.

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