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pitbull2Pitbull seems to have won an award.

“The Orchard (NASDAQ: ORCD), a global leader in music and video entertainment today announced that following the recent Gold Certification of Pitbull’s single “Krazy,” the hip-hop artist has been awarded the newly-created “Latin Digital Download Artist of the Year” by Billboard. … The award was presented to Pitbull at the Billboard Latin Music Award show on April 23rd in Miami.

The success of Pitbull in the Latin digital market comes as a result of an aggressive promotional campaign by The Orchard, who handled all digital marketing activities for Pitbull. Supported by Team Pitbull’s outside radio promotion, The Orchard managed digital and mobile marketing activities around “Krazy.” The single shot to No. 19 on Billboard’s hot digital tracks, and at iTunes, it notched the No. 1 slot in Latin sales (as well as #4 in hip-hop and #16 overall). To date, “Krazy” has been downloaded more than 700,000 times”

I have to confess, I own nothing by Pitbull. I have never listened to him at home, I can’t say I have ever heard him on radio, and I do’nt watch tv. I wouldn’t call myself a fan.

However- I assure you that when a Pitbull song comes on at the club, that I am out there on the floor with everyone else. And like everyone else, when he says “Bend over girl show me what you’re working with” or “tremendo CULO’, I’m bent over shaking my ass. Its not that I WANT to, but I can’t HELP it.

This is old, but never fails to move the crowd.

His take on El Africano, not quite the rump shaker than the other songs, but El Africano is a cherished song,so this makes people happy.

Go Girl. This one is a bit more subdued than the others.

Be easy, go ahead please me, talk to me sleezy baby (Yeah)
I wanna freak, a monster in bed, last thing I need is a lady

Sad to say, but this one doesn’t seem to have waned in popularity yet. Don’t let me say it, don’t, don’t!! The shit is just….. crunk.

*regarding the lyrical content. um, I dont really listen to most of the song since usually i’m busy dancing and everyone else is too. but i’m reading some and i’ll say that there is enough hyperbole for me to laugh at it rather than think it is pure misogyny. Yes, I frequently give people passes for saying outrageous things because there is a certain culture that values outlandish hyperbole for comic effect and all involved understand that the game is to be as creatively ridiculous as possible. See- “the dozens”.

Back to Maxwell and comparing our reactions to his lyrics vs those of “harder” artists. Funny that its not ugly when Maxwell croons that he is gonna, “lock you up in luv fa days.. untiul the cops come knocking”, but the world is ending and women are targets when Piutbull says, “I’ll be wearin’ her out and when I’m finished paramedics gon’ be carryin’ her out”. Maxwell is going to fucking kidnap you. Pitbull is going to fuck you till you are exhausted. Anything involving sirens is Not Good.

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“tiene tremendo CULO”

I may be pushing up on the old traynta ocho this year, I may have teenagers, but that does not mean I do not like the booty music!!

My current song of choice is Magic Juan’s El Celular.While not Miami Bass, it gets me moving.

So I was pleased to see this tribute to Booty Music. We So Horny

I dunno, maybe its kinda off, but I feel sorta cozy and misty eyed when I hear this.

Sally. That Girl!!

DJ Laz

Me So Horny


Da Dip- I was looking for a Real Video and found this. I rather liked it because I still do that at home, dance looking in the mirror with my shirt hiked up. I actually do it because watching while I dance helps me to isolate my abs and I’d rather dance for a workout than do crunches. When I was 16 we did that dance they did in House Party, a LOT of hip hopping. When I was 20 it was Patra and the Helicopter. Girls,we may get old but we dont grow up!!

AS a woman and mother I feel sort of weird posting these videos. But the honest to god truth is that I admire the skills it takes to move like that. My fascination isn’t sexual, its athletic. I love watching people move in a very sinuous way, all rolling joints and no hard angles.

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