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Arugula Salad Recipe


I decided I wanted arugula today so I took 2 cups of it and cut it small, tossed it in a bowl. Added about 1 TBSP of sushi vinegar. (It was all I could find) I chopped 10 green onions aka scallions, 4 plum tomatoes and threw them in there too. Then 1 tsp of kosher salt. For for a lil more funky umami flavor added 1 TBSP or so of shredded Parmesan cheese. I topped it of with about 1tsp of capers with brine.

I tasted it.

It was too funky, not bright so I looked for a lime but had none so I decided to go with an orange. I felt an orange was more Mediterranean than a lime anyway.
So I added the juice from 1/2 a Valencia orange. Half an orange gave it a nice flavor, the funkiness of the other ingredients and the orange melded and gave a nice green grassy flavor. (ITS SALAD, IT IS GRASS!! Grassy is GOOD.) Adding more  orange made it pop even more.

It was really tasty but next time I would use just a TOUCH of rice wine vinegar and maybe a just dash of salt, if any since the brine and the Parmesan are both salty. Perhaps I’d use a less sweet or more acidic orange to brighten it up more.

OH, I did throw on half a chopped onion at the last second and that added a nice clean bite to it. I am letting it set for a few and I will see if the flavors meld even more after a few hours.



Plum Tomatoes


Green Onions

White Onions


One Orange

Parmesan Cheese

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