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Wow, I am tired. Went out dancing. I am pleased to have found some shoes that work well and look good, I didnt throw a shoe at all last night, I rarely remain shod the entire night when dancing.

I sort of let the hair down on a pair of Etienne Aigner oxfords with a 2.5 inch heel. They fit well, have a heel and are secure enough that my feet dont slip inside or come off the soles. I hate walking out of my shoes when I dance. And, suprisingly the outer sole was perfect for dancing, enough slip but not too much slide. Plus, they are available at Macys so I didnt have to go search for dance shoes that look good with jeans.

One of my friends has been working on his bachata so we danced 2 very nice dances, I was about to ask him when he said. “i’ve been practicing”. That was pretty awesome, we (I) looked hot. And my other friend and I did a perfect merengue set, 20+ minutes and not a misstep, no bobbles, no pauses, no fucked up turns.

While looking for info on square foot gardening this am I saw a frog and decided to look up coqui tattoos which somehow led me to a video I hadnt seen in ages.

THIS, is what Mr Spectacular should have been doing.

I’ve written a lot of stuff about men grinding and the “THATS GAY” comments it inspires. Well, sometimes it is a style that is not the female style of dancing, definitely male, but maybe a little NOT male. But usually, from what I have seen, young women think it is sexay. My ex boytoy does this stuff all the time with the comment, “Im secure in my sexuality”.

Ok, I’ll agree that this first one is a bit gayish, not that it at all matters, because of his hands and arms. But like many of the female commenters, I think the boy can move. I wish I could turn it around and swing it down in one fluid motion like he does at :18 and then at 0:20 he still doesnt have to stop when he switches up. He is very good at being fluid AND still popping at the right beat, his motion is neither too sinuous nor too angular.

Next guy, more in line with what one would see at a club playing reggaeton and filled with Boricuas and Dominicanos. I dont know what it is, but Im sayin the DomiRican blend is fiah. Either alone is cool but I think some of the wildest shit comin out of PR these days is there via the DR.

He looks so young it burns my eyes to watch this, but he is good. He rocks and pops his hips well and everytime I watch him get into it I start dancing in my chair.(If you slide the rump toward the edge of the chair you can move your foot enough to get some good hip motion, and its easy to do the torso stuff while sitting. Ask anyone who is unfortunate enough to be in the car when I drive) The female commenters all have the same reaction I do- they want to dance with him. He really does make you want to jump in and join the fun.

I get irritated watching it because it feels like his shorts are keeping his knees from moving.

Um, papito, put on some draws.His later videos suffer from his notoriety, most of it involves his dingle dangle doin the Boricua Bounce. MORE DANCING! We need more dancing less peen. OTOH, we girls do appreciate some eye candy, IMO “gringo” media producers FAIL when making content for women. We may not want to see naked genitalia, but there is definitely an appetite for male SEX objects. Not heart throbs, man meat. Junk. Stuff.


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Old school, new school- either way you arent learning anything nice.

Sir Speedy, Dj Blass and allll that….

Come to the marquesina, look in the cooler and get a few Heinekens and some Medalla, take off your chancletas and do things that will offend your elders. I probably am one of the elders, but considering the things I did when Patra was popular, I am not easy to offend.

This is killing.

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Because one post about perreando just isnt enough!

La Striper- Because La Sista knows what be up. But isnt this Agresivo?

Jowell & Randy Guayteo y DJ Blass
I didnt realize this was Agresivo as well.

FUCK IT,why go through all the “remakes” lets play my song! “tengo una gata que le gusta bien duro, siempre me piede fuerte pa su culo”.

Agresivo Remix

Zion y Lennox, Daddy Yankee- Yo Voy
I feel I should declare this lame,but I like dancing to it.

J King and Maximan- Changueria

Beso el la Boca There is WAY too much spankin dat ass in this video. I may have to play it a few times and watch closely to see whether this is appropriate to post. This video is so absolutely flagrantly, unabashedly, shamelessly wrong that its hot.*

Arcangel- Pistolon Remix

*I do have a major problem with the white folk in the fly house chillin while the hood rat niggas look on ignorantly and try to infiltrate the joint. And I cant find any particular combination of race for any party involved that I cant make WRONG, so Im just gonna sort of focus on the fact that its kinda hot albeit in a very very wrong way that I simply do not approve of. In fact, I approve of NONE of this. There, thats settled.

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Sometimes you just feel like getting nasty.

Los Guanabanas- Busco una mujer

Puta Cabrona Bellaca

Plan B- No Me Explota

Franco El Gorila and the Perreo Puro

J-King & Maximan Ft Franco ”El Gorila” & MJ – Zateria

Yaaaaaaaaviahh Wiki Wiki

Wisin y Yandel- Aventura

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Hot Perreo Video

She is good. Good weight shifting and nice smooth motion. My one complaint is that when she goes side to side her hips could “glide” a little more. If she could get her sideways figure 8’s deeper and smoother and keep it going for a few more repetitions that would be awesome.

Right there at 0:35, just a LITTLE more swing, bend down a little more and get that right hip up higher and let it go. She does take it down for a second but it looks like she cant go that low AND shift her weight from foot to foot, so she does it one sided. But she has both the mirror and her videos, I bet she’ll figure it out soon.

(I can’t move my left leg the same way I can my right, in part because in other dances I keep most of my weight on that foot)

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This is how we dance. Its why I keep that shit on the low low. My parents would die on the spot if they had any IDEA of what I do!

I reposted this because it is a good video to explain some perreo and freak dancing etiquitte. If you aren’t part of the scene or are unfamiliar with it, you may not realize where the boundaries are or that there are any. Reportedly this pair is a brother and a sister.

Now let me say this, I wouldnt do this with my brother nor let my kids do it. But I aint them and I am not here to judge if they are.

However, having read that it made me wonder if they were behaving for the camera.

What I am doing is pointing out some things that you may not see, but that will save you some heartache and headaches if you go out and decide to dance perreo.

I read once that to be modest, a Western woman suprised while naked will cover her body, a Muslim woman her face. (Allow me some slack and lets not argue about whether Muslim and Western are mutually exclusive terms).

In dancing perreo, it is similar. The rules are almost the opposite of what you would expect. Blatant sexuality is ok, grinding is ok. Being in close proximity to one anothers genital regions is ok. Its part of the dance. You know what they say about hookers- you can fuck em but not kiss em? Same here. This is about sexuality, not intimacy. Don’t be too familiar. That means no touching with the hand, no touching of the face and touching as little bare flesh as possible.

Let me point out some things he does to maintain a certain amount of distance and um, decorum.yes, I know. THIS is tame? No, its not at all tame. But I would feel comfortable doing this with a close friend while his girlfriend watched. Hell, I’d do it to her or let her do it to me. I HAVE done so.

(Said dance partner now has an American girlfriend who cannot imagine that us dancing like this means anything BUT we intend to have sex or want to have sex.That we enjoy the dance and the display and dont consider it a sex substitute is inconceivable to her.)

A lot of guys come to the club and get confused. To their eyes anything goes and they do things that women find offensive and they dont understand. I want to help you understand,not just when the dancing is tame. I want you to see where the lines are even when to you it seems like your partner is ready to let you strip her naked and sex her on the dance floor.

At 0:13, when he puts his hands on her hips, he does NOT place his palm on her hip. He does NOT place his fingertips on her hip. The instant he does, he immediately moves his hands UP and takes her hands.When they begin moving in unison, their pelvises meet,but she does NOT lean her torso into his and he does not lean into hers. He is not leaning onto her neck or with his head over her shoulder. Their is a fair amount of distance between his upper body and hers.

Also, her thighs are not touching his. She is not “sitting in his lap”.

In contrast, if I or another woman were dancing with a very familiar partner, a trusted one, it would be different. He would place his entire hand on my hip or waist, allowing his palm and fingers to rest on me. He would, when we were both leaning forward, let his upper body touch mine.He may even lean so close that his face was over my shoulder and next to mine.

At 0:44 she bends over and he does not press his pelvis into hers, nor does he place his hands on her back or shoulders. BRIEFLY, the heels of his hand (do hands have heels?) touch her back.  At the point where one would put the hands on the shoulders, he holds the bed. (In the club a partner would perhaps lean on a table or the wall to avoid leaning onto his partner)

You may see established partners do the same thing, but the males hands will be completely flat on the womans back and he will even move them and use them to guide her body, actually applying pressure. And her ass would be TOTALLY on his groin area. Sometimes the pressure is neccessary as the force of her dancing against him will require him to lean against her to adjust the center of gravity and steady himself. She has to have strong arms and use the floor to hold up their combined weight.

When they get up, he still does not touch her with his hand. The rule sort of is this- only touch (meaning with HANDS) when it is neccessary to do the dance.

When they are against the wall, again she maintains some distance between them as they dance. Their legs are not intertwined and he does not hold her waist, he rests his hands on her sides.

She turns and he is “spooning” her. Notice he does not place his arms around her in anyway, he moves in unison with her, but there is no touching of her shoulders and he damn sure doesnt put his hands on her thighs.

When she puts her feet on the wall, still he is hands off. When he turns her around and she pulls up her hair. He is still NOT leaning against her, not breathing down her neck.And when she comes close to touching his hip, again he grabs her hand. When she comes close to placing her hand on his head, she stops herself.

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Oh, all the people who get to my site by searching for these phrases will be so pleased.

I find these videos while searching for songs, sometimes a track has no video but someone has made a video of themself dancing to it. I suppose I should be scandalized to see the kiddies shaking their goodies, but I’m not. I have a ton of pre YouTube videos of myself dancing. And yes, like these you can see my desk, my dresser, my bed and so on. In one, I was working on what I intended to be elegant salsa steps, but my kids’ escaped hamster bumrushed me, running from under the dresser past my feet and under the bed.


I like watching young girls dance.Its not sexual. I also love gymnastics- floor routines and the rhythmic gymnastics as well. I enjoy the athleticism and I know the sort of skill it must take to get your body to do what you want it to do. Having said that, I will state again that I believe few young girls and women can dance as well as an older woman of comparable skill. 🙂 This is when some people tune out and mumble “sour grapes” to themselves.

I assure you it isn’t the case though in our culture few can believe that a woman of 38 wouldn’t trade places with one of 18. (Not for all the money in the world!!!) Unless they are athletes or dancers who have trained their entire lives, by 25 or so most women still haven’t got the muscle control and muscle memory to smooth out the raw skill and technique. And many who do, when it comes to being sensual, haven’t yet become fully comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality and frankly lack the experience. I’m better than I was 10 years ago. In part due to spending an hour a night for about 3 years isolating every single body part. In part due to dancing to every song in every style I knew- I’d listen to a merengue and dance it once PR style, once DR style, once straight up ghetto, for example. And part of it is just that I’m confident and accept my body and am not inhibited- do i look fat, skinny, ugly, am I sweating etc.

I like watching other girls the same way I like watching a kitten play, knowing what one day that immature grace and flexibility could become. And I like seeing them just have fun! And if I see a move I wan to steal, or how they do something “wrong” that I do as well, I can fix things.

(Speaking of skill and grace and strength, have you seen Felix Cane? She is AMAZING!)

This series of videos tickled me because she is in the kitchen. I guess thats the only place with good lighting and a space for her to rest her camera. She’s got good moves, but her torso isn’t fluid enough.

When certain moves are done right, its like playing with that wheel toy. The motion is completely fluid, even with pops and breaks.You balance your weight right and move and a spectator can visualize a ball or wheel on your body, moving as you dance, never once stopping. Kinda like when the gymnasts have those balls on their arms and stuff. Ok, thats just how I like movement to be- sinuous, fluid, undulating. I’m aware that not everyone shares my Freak Dancing Aesthetic.

And by the way, thats one thing that irritates me sometimes. People go out and dance perreo and do ANYTHING. They dont seem to understand that there are rules, there is a certain aesthetic, certain moves go together and with certain sorts of music. They just start popping, grinding and touching themselves because thats all they can see. Kinda like little kids who scribble lines to mimic Chinese writing(forgive me for not knowing the proper term) because they cant see there is a SYSTEM there and not just lines,



Hey, is that Latin Music? It is. We get to watch Gymnastics though the movement isn’t exactly what I wanted to show you.

Sorry. I got distracted.

Ok, this is closer to what I mean.

He does a good body roll, notice he sort of flicks his foot to prevent himself from coming to a stop at the foot, then pushes the wave back UP the body.

This is pretty much how we dance perreo, the body motion, not so much the squats and booty up part. Im laughing that people would need to take lessons to club dance. But I shouldnt since I just stated that there are indeed RULES to this.

This brother and sister pair do a very good job. A lot of people are freaked out that they are siblings. I can see why. But I can kinda see it because he keeps a bit of distance (this is relative, you know) and rarely places his entire hand flat on her skin, doesnt grind on her ass and keeps his face away from her head and neck. When she is head down ass up he is obviously trying to not touch her. This is apparently HER video and HER practice and she needs a partner.LOL

I think she is the best I have seen so far online! Maybe because she has a partner and it allows her to shift her weight onto him as needed. When dancing alone the balance is off and it looks (and is)awkward.

HEY, I dont know WHAT goes on in their house, but I have done what she is doing to a friend as his girlfriend watched. I have done it to other women. It is theater.  For me. For my friends. We play our parts and give 100%. My guess is she wants to get good and needs a partner to practice with and her brother is good, convenient and Safe.

Now I know its a stretch, but do people react the same way when a brother sister pair dance tango and are all up on each other?  I dunno

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