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Reggaeton Picks

some faves

Yaviah- Contacto
Straight to the point, no frills shit.

More of the Same

I like this version Best

John Erick

Las Solteras
This is kind of a fun club song.

Dale Matadora

Jadiel- Trankila


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Is this a reaction to the new Wisin y Yandel and DY cds? Lets go back, way back but in the other direction. Less “ethereal” and more dirt and funk?
If I have to choose between the image of dancing hot and sweaty in some shack near the sand, or in a club with lots of flashing lights, I pick the former. Musically, I sort of like the new stuff but emotionally, it doesnt resonate as well as the stuff that brings to mind straight up nasty parties and cut off denim shorts.

Perreo Puro by Franco “El Gorila”, a piece of stripped down old school reggaeton. I like Franco because he pretty much hollers his entire performances.

Here’s El Castigo by Magnate and Valentino from Quimica Perfecta, seems they decided to throw in a bit of da ole school as well. I think its kinda hot. Kinda. Most of the vocals are so breathy and lacking in percussion that i lose interest, but the music is sort of slinky.That old school break, which some kids seem to hate, is the best part of the song to me.

Nely, El Arma Secreta has an instrumental of his Dirty Beat. Its rather nasty, I like it. He was born my senior year in high school. What is goin on?

Villano Sam Yo Quiero Una Morena

I suspect this will grow on me, or I will hate it. Right now I am torn, I dont like the rap parts too much right now, but the Dominican flow is one that creeps on me slowly, so I will give it time. Im feeling the music. I also sort of like vocorder type shit.

A song by Villano Sam and Vakero out of La Republica, dedicated to Obama. I’m not quite sure if I like the singing, but its growing on me. I can appreciate the sentiments expressed.

Voltio y Mas Loca Por Su Tiguere

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A video of me dancing

This is my favorite video. It doesnt capture any of my skillz, but its my favorite because I was just having fun that day. Its also one of the only videos where Im actually looking at the camera, usually I wore a hat so as I danced I couldnt see the camer and that when I watched them, I wouldnt be distracted by my face.
I had TONS of these, Id dance an hour so a night just focusing on different body parts or some days I would dance to the drum sometimes the cowbell, sometimes the piano. Just working on being able to manage all the different rhythms and express that in my dancing. But this was a personal video and it shows.

I couldnt figure out WHY I like this one so much. Then I realized that its because I had at that point been dancing a good 40 min or so and was totally in the zone. I wasnt planning anything or working on anything, just enjoying the song. And there are a few parts where I sort of lean my head back, but then straighten up.

When discussing music I mention to my friends that I frequently, when the good part comes on, find myself closing my eyes and throwing my head back in order to totally focus on the sound of the music. And as I watched this, I saw that I do it when dancing as well. I start, then stop, then start and stop then just fully lose myself into whatever it is Im feeling. And I love watching it because everytime I see it, I feel it. That feeling that I, as a dancer, live for. That moment when there is nothjing but you and the music and you ARE the music.

Well, enjoy.It wont be up long as Im sensitive about this kinda thing. Its not me at the club, its me in my bedroom having a Moment.

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I love this song. It starts off softly and its a bit melancholy. Its got a nice slow sensuous groove and the coro is really sexy. Seems he’s lost his girl and wants her friend to talk to her so she’ll come back to him.
See, THIS IS WHY reggaeton marketing fails. This is what we women like to hear.Its sexy and slow enough to dance to and be very expressive and sexy or up close with an adored partner.

I spoke to a friend the other night, a salsa DJ who was giving me lessons and playing some new reggaeton from the Island (Puerto Rico, there is only ONE Island). We were complaining about another DJ, who is Panamanian and played a lot of reggae and hiphop stuff. I was actually ANGRY because the music was sucking and a lot of women went and sat down.The regulars started clearing the club 30 min early when we realized that the music was NOT going to get better.
(Its NEW reggaeton OLD salsa dude, NOT OLD reggaeton NEW salsa. Sheesh)

The other friend was laughing at my anger, and he said, “When I DJ I make sure to keep the women moving. The women make the club. If the women arent happy, theres no club. You have to play stuff they like, not a bunch of hard hiphop stuff”.

See, I think that coming from a hiphop context, where men will get out on the floor alone and stomp and pump their fists and do their male war-dances alone and just get “crunk”, there may be a lack of understanding on the part of some DJs that in a latin club it is essential that the women participate. If we dont dance, the men dont dance. If we arent feeling the music, we sit and sulk or fix our lipstick and arrange our clothing until the music is good again. If we’re dancing and the song sucks, we kind of go limp.

So I am gonna tell all the club DJs, get this one. Its sexy, sensuous, and DY is pining away for the love of a woman and begging to have her back. Women will LOVE this. See, we live for men messing up and begging for us back. If you havent noticed, most reggaeton is some man begging some woman for SOMETHING 🙂

Ciao for now

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Love the kid, love his voice and his flow. Here are a few clips I scrounged up.

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I am in the process of reviewing all of my salsa. I have to take time away from old favorites and exciting new things so that I can explore some of the good things hidden away in the vaults.

Today I finally got to Larry Harlow and Paso de Encarnacion. Now, I will be honest, I am not normally a fan of anything that is “charanga-ey”. If a song is too “charanga-esque”, I don’t want to hear it. I dislike too much of that chirpy flute stuff, I don’t want my salsa to sound like Peter And the Wolf. I confess though, it has grown on me and often I find the flutes a nice accent and not some intrusive piping little noise.

When this track came on, I figured it was going to be good. Songs that start slowly and acapella and then ramp up, step by step usually have a great payoff in the end. The musicians push and push and push the song until it soars. I wasn’t disappointed with this one. It took about a minute to get there, and I was a bit puzzled as the violins (is that a violin I hear?) and trombones did unexpected things. I found it all a tad bit tinny, but good. Then when the rhythm section got going- wow. Talk about phenomenal. They laid it down and locked the groove in and dint let up at all.

THIS is the kind of song I love to dance to. You get a little bit of variety in the beginning and then its nonstop salsa. Some people like songs with a lot of breaks and stops and pauses, those have their place. But a song with a good long hard groove is perfect for getting into that flow and dancing some mean street salsa. Where one move, one turn, one spin flows into the other and the dance is 4 minutes of so of nonstop motion.

I can’t tell you what the words were or who was singing, this is one of those songs where the vocals, even though good, weren’t really needed. The rhythm and the ORCHESTRATION are what makes this a masterpiece. As each instrument, each player joined in and added their part to the song, it just got Perfect. Really, thats all I can say. It was perfect. Everything just fell into place without anyone missing a beat, no pun intended.

Definitely,if you love salsa you GOTTA check this one out!!!

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