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Wow, I am tired. Went out dancing. I am pleased to have found some shoes that work well and look good, I didnt throw a shoe at all last night, I rarely remain shod the entire night when dancing.

I sort of let the hair down on a pair of Etienne Aigner oxfords with a 2.5 inch heel. They fit well, have a heel and are secure enough that my feet dont slip inside or come off the soles. I hate walking out of my shoes when I dance. And, suprisingly the outer sole was perfect for dancing, enough slip but not too much slide. Plus, they are available at Macys so I didnt have to go search for dance shoes that look good with jeans.

One of my friends has been working on his bachata so we danced 2 very nice dances, I was about to ask him when he said. “i’ve been practicing”. That was pretty awesome, we (I) looked hot. And my other friend and I did a perfect merengue set, 20+ minutes and not a misstep, no bobbles, no pauses, no fucked up turns.

While looking for info on square foot gardening this am I saw a frog and decided to look up coqui tattoos which somehow led me to a video I hadnt seen in ages.

THIS, is what Mr Spectacular should have been doing.

I’ve written a lot of stuff about men grinding and the “THATS GAY” comments it inspires. Well, sometimes it is a style that is not the female style of dancing, definitely male, but maybe a little NOT male. But usually, from what I have seen, young women think it is sexay. My ex boytoy does this stuff all the time with the comment, “Im secure in my sexuality”.

Ok, I’ll agree that this first one is a bit gayish, not that it at all matters, because of his hands and arms. But like many of the female commenters, I think the boy can move. I wish I could turn it around and swing it down in one fluid motion like he does at :18 and then at 0:20 he still doesnt have to stop when he switches up. He is very good at being fluid AND still popping at the right beat, his motion is neither too sinuous nor too angular.

Next guy, more in line with what one would see at a club playing reggaeton and filled with Boricuas and Dominicanos. I dont know what it is, but Im sayin the DomiRican blend is fiah. Either alone is cool but I think some of the wildest shit comin out of PR these days is there via the DR.

He looks so young it burns my eyes to watch this, but he is good. He rocks and pops his hips well and everytime I watch him get into it I start dancing in my chair.(If you slide the rump toward the edge of the chair you can move your foot enough to get some good hip motion, and its easy to do the torso stuff while sitting. Ask anyone who is unfortunate enough to be in the car when I drive) The female commenters all have the same reaction I do- they want to dance with him. He really does make you want to jump in and join the fun.

I get irritated watching it because it feels like his shorts are keeping his knees from moving.

Um, papito, put on some draws.His later videos suffer from his notoriety, most of it involves his dingle dangle doin the Boricua Bounce. MORE DANCING! We need more dancing less peen. OTOH, we girls do appreciate some eye candy, IMO “gringo” media producers FAIL when making content for women. We may not want to see naked genitalia, but there is definitely an appetite for male SEX objects. Not heart throbs, man meat. Junk. Stuff.

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Because one post about perreando just isnt enough!

La Striper- Because La Sista knows what be up. But isnt this Agresivo?

Jowell & Randy Guayteo y DJ Blass
I didnt realize this was Agresivo as well.

FUCK IT,why go through all the “remakes” lets play my song! “tengo una gata que le gusta bien duro, siempre me piede fuerte pa su culo”.

Agresivo Remix

Zion y Lennox, Daddy Yankee- Yo Voy
I feel I should declare this lame,but I like dancing to it.

J King and Maximan- Changueria

Beso el la Boca There is WAY too much spankin dat ass in this video. I may have to play it a few times and watch closely to see whether this is appropriate to post. This video is so absolutely flagrantly, unabashedly, shamelessly wrong that its hot.*

Arcangel- Pistolon Remix

*I do have a major problem with the white folk in the fly house chillin while the hood rat niggas look on ignorantly and try to infiltrate the joint. And I cant find any particular combination of race for any party involved that I cant make WRONG, so Im just gonna sort of focus on the fact that its kinda hot albeit in a very very wrong way that I simply do not approve of. In fact, I approve of NONE of this. There, thats settled.

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Sometimes you just feel like getting nasty.

Los Guanabanas- Busco una mujer

Puta Cabrona Bellaca

Plan B- No Me Explota

Franco El Gorila and the Perreo Puro

J-King & Maximan Ft Franco ”El Gorila” & MJ – Zateria

Yaaaaaaaaviahh Wiki Wiki

Wisin y Yandel- Aventura

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