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i’m in the middle of redecorating my house and looking for some art. Since music is my life, I have a lil collection of music artwork on my PC, I’m going through it now. My main piece is Duende by Ramon Lombarte, I love it because it looks so much like me that friends and family literally think its me the first time they see it.
I have some flamenco prints as well, but Im trying to keep the room modern and not veer too far into “traditional” territory.
SO, with that in mind I bypassed some nice pics by Fabian Perez that I really like and decided on El Guitarrista by Justin Bua.2170el-guitarrista-posters1

The guitar player always reminds me of Prince, but for some reason I always imagined the scene was supposed to be Spain, perhaps because I keep the digital image in a file with my flamenco art.
I googled the artist because if Imma drop an entire 29.99 on a print(lol) I gotta know a little something about him.
The artist is Justin Bua. Let me take a moment to say, “Justin, call me”.

On to his art- “Distorted urban realism” seems to be the label for it; slices of New Yawk street life the subject. Definitely worth a look see if you like street culture, hip hop and all that good stuff.

check it out



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This guy’s art i definitely worth checking out!! Kurtis Watkins is a young black (African American, I presume) artist. I love his use of color and the sense of movement in his art.


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I really like her artwork; the vivid colors are captivating.

Check her out at www.baezfineart.com!

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