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Y Sigue Karis!!!!

grupokaris1A blast from the past! Grupo Karis made yet another comeback in ’07 with Los 4 Fantasticos. Its good to see them back on the scene. Interestingly enough I don’t find merengue bomba at all dated, it doesn’t sound like old 80’s and 90’s music to me. Most of the merengueros I know are THRILLED to hear the new songs beginning to trickle onto the airwaves. ABOUT TIME!!!


La Amas Como Yo f Ken-Y

Check it out- Los 4 Fantasticos- Grupo Karis. Merengue bomba de Puerto Rico!

Now, lets revisit some “classic” tracks by the guys.

Bandolera NEVER fails to get the dancers out on the floor.

Esa Nena No Me Quiere

Esas Ojitos


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I love the idiosyncratic style of Angel Canales. Suprisingly, I don’t have much else to say right now. So- Angel Canales y’all.

Perico Macona- A favorite of mine.

Lejos de Ti- A classic. “aiiiiiiii potorrrrooooooo….”

Nostalgia- Beautiful. Check that trumpet. I’m swooning.

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Ah, salsa colombiano. I love the swing and precision of many Colombian salsa groups. And sometimes I get tired of all the turn patterns and going in circles and want to do a little more footwork, a little more partnering. Yes, I know, its heresy. But I do not like turn patterns, it is fun to watch other people do, but when I dance I enjoy other things much more than the complexity of my turns. I like the interaction with my partner, mirroring one another, being in sync.  I actually would be ok with never doing another turn EVER. I like the SWING of Colombian salsa.

Check out this article about the new crop of young salseros trying to make it in Colombia.

And a few videos I’ve snagged. I confess, many of the Colombianos I dance with don’t go for all that jitterbugging and turning. They like to dance very close and very simply, which is nice because without all the focus on the feet and turning, you have to work harder to make sure the motion of the body is beautiful.

Ah, here we go- Im sure all my Cubans, Boricuas and Nuyoricans will HATE the first video.

A Shout out to Stefan Renz and his directory of Colombian music.

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Watched some videos with my 12 year old after I spent a few hours thinking about the music I like and the dances I do and how my age, race, gender and social class affect what I do and do not do. It w as just a coincidence that when I got to the house, she was watching videos. But since I was already thinking about this sort of thing, I decided to watch them.
Talk about testing one’s convictions!
I let her select videos and said not a word, just watched and listened.

Webbie- Independent. The lyrics, while not to my liking, were ok and the song had a decent message. The video was ok too, the bling and clothing were a bit ghetto fabulous for my tastes. The music sucked IMO. My daughter said it would be cool if a black chick did one day become president and get all those things done. In the end, the video and song were positive and acceptable. I recalled my pondering and my mental review of Luke and Magic Mike and wisely did not say anything about the attire or horrific horrible diction and accent of the guy. No need to force my class issues down her throat. Im a wellmannered person and I listen to “ghetto” music and did at her age. I have to trust that she can listen to it too and stil l end up the sort of person I would like her to be. (ie not Trina)

Raven- Pleasant little song and video about getting her man to be patient and considerate. Boring music. I want everything to have huge bass and maybe even the Funky Drummer beat. If music doesnt have a nice bit fat drum goin, I say its “not engaging”.

Ashley Tisdale- bo-ring.

Ray J- Ok, why come every single girl was pale? Fetish?

Madonna- 4 minutes. Boring. But i appreciate that Madge managed to be edgy and sexy and herself but not in a way that made you feel she was being inappropriate for a woman her age.

DJ Icey- High Plains Drifter- Boring. Not aggressive enough for me.IO think I would like the Booty Bass Remix. (when I was a kid they would make a Bass remix of EVERYTHING)

Buju Banton- Nothing

I kinda liked the nasal vocal stylings of Mr Vegas.

Sean Paul- Watch Dem Roll

Ok, the video was engaging. I liked the bras and panties changing colors. And though it was booties, I liked the fact that the female dancers did seem to be having fun and DANCING. And they were some big old thick chicks too.I dance, I like to see other women dance.

W and Yandel- Pegao. I confess I felt a bit of a tingle when this came on.But the women werent dancing, they were just moving in a sexually appealing manner IMO.

Adassa- MAKE IT GO AWAY. HATE HATE HATE the voice. And it seemed to me that her whole schitck is to be cute and sexy and appealing. Hohum.

Freakytona with Trina- I do not like Trina.I felt the song was weak. And there were women alll up on the men. I see, being a big old freak means you get half naked and gyrate on men nd stroke and fondle them. I would have imagined a freakytona would like to get served, hav some half dressed sweaty well muscled hotties dancing and all up on HER. But apparently, a woman being sexual doesnt mean she has needs, it means she is keen to tend to the desires of some man. Bo-ring.

Pitbull- Go girl. Go pitbull. Away. Are we doing Addicted to Love videos again? *yawn*

Baby Bash and Sean Kingston- what Is It
I appreciated the thick girls dancing like they were loving it.

No Te Veo- Ok, I thought this song was talking about dancing. At least a little. The women are all decorations. No, really. vacant expressionless unmoving decorations. Breathing sculptures. I will note for the record, because Im sensitive, that I saw men with braids AND beads. But I saw not a single hint of blackness in the women. Ok, one was “black” but her hair was long, straightened and lightened. WTF is that about? A man can have visible signals of negritude but not the sexual objects? Its not appealing in a woman? We cant have cornrows and beads and strut in bikinis, we arent sexy like that?

Don Omar- Bandoleros. I confess, I havent listened to the song and didnt watch the video closely. So the questions I ask may be stupid. I noticed him at a black church. I wondered if he was identifying himself with the black ppl and the ppl singing gospel and catching the Holy Ghost, or since there were drugs and guns and poverty did a black area seem to be the most appropriate setting. His eyebrows looked good.

Don Omar- Cancion de Amor. Aww, little black kids playin in da streets of da hood. Imma vote for identification with self for this one. I was trying to see if there was a love interest and if shed be visibly black. I got distracted by his braids, his hair was really pretty. And I was like- dude’s hair looks like the little GIRLS hair in the video. In fact, he has pretty hair and eyebrows. Is he identfying with the boy in the video or the girl? I aint hating, its not a comment on homosexuality. I like his eyebrows and hair. I just do find it amusing that we can see a lil girl with braids, but we dont see WOMEN with cornrows. WE SEE MEN WITH CORNROWS. I think for a girl to be pretty, she has to grow out of her blackness. Or is it that braids on a girl are a sign of immaturity, so straight hair is a signal that shes an adult as black girls typically dont wear their hair straightened till after puberty? And again, is that because braids arent compatible with female sexual attractiveness? I wanna know, Im just sayin here…

Ivy Queen- Menor Que Yo

The song is merely average. But the diva is in a COP UNIFORM with LONG ASS JEWELED TALONS. I confess, I sort of liked the juxtaposition of super feminine qualities and the kickass POLICE uniform. Talk about a Power Suit.It was a cute way of saying Im hot but Im in charge.And bruh man was CUTE. AND Chocolatay. OMG. WHAT? Imma be honest. TOTAL GUILTY PLEASURE VIDEO. She had him up against the car and fondled him, took him shopping and SHE drove. Was the part where she drove past a carousel an accident or because he’s a child? Took him shopping and sat her ass down and watched him try shit on for her. THANK YOU. Its trite, its not exactly mindblowing but it really truly is nice to see after watching…um…watching… NO TE VEO or Sexy Moviemento or Freakytona. Let the man be admired. Let the man be fondled. Let the man be the arm candy that enhances HER status and shows her pull as a rich powerful sexy being. Let her buy the bling. I salute you, my fellow cougar.
Note- So its ok for his ass to be black, but shes rockin the yellowest yellow hair EVAH. *sigh* Cant win tho.If she was black and he was white or blonde then Id say that apparently only the pale can be sexually desirable. If they were both black lookin Id say that apparently a woman with some dark nappy hair can only attract a chocolate man, she cant actually get to be in charge with a whiter male.But thats what makes it so FUN to watch tv with me, no matter WHAT we can find something to debate and argue.

Tony Touch and Be Real- Play That Song. HEY DJ PLAY THAT SONG!! I like Hangin With My Folks videos. I didnt even mind Nina Sky, they werent the sort of female voices that irritate me. I have always loved B Reals voice. “hummin, comin atcha….”. There was a bit with a young boy perreando with a woman. I was like EEP, get that boy offa her ass. Not that I dont dance merengue with my son. But I dont want a child dancing anything sexual. I lie. Because like many people I can watch children dance ballroom and think its just SO adorable when they do their little sensual tango or chachacha. But thats BALLROOM, its an artificial environment and its “high” art so its all good for the little girls to play the coquette. But an equivalent level of sensuality in a child dancing hiphop is frightening to most of us.ITS WRONG AND its sexualizing the innocent etc. But those itty bitty high heels and that tiny skirt and backless top and the hip motion in ballroom is ok?

Voltio- Mellao

Is that cumbia? Th video is a bit absurd, ridiculous. Managing to both skewer reggaeton videos while still getting in the obligatory thick chick in tiny clothes.Points though, for attempting to send up the genre. Points for being a blue collar laborer and not a, jewel thief or kingpin or something.

Wisin and I Griega- Ahora Es. What? There are girls dancing, not merely writhing in a way that appeals to male viewers. Actually dancing, and with some aggression. Wait, it looks like 2 black girls. Cornrows.` So we finally get some chicks who are “black” AND THEY ARE FIGHTING?? WTF? Girls with cornrows get to fight, sweat and run the street hand in hand with little boys. I mean, shit. Im glad they arent just writhing and prancing and sitting woodenly. But how come the girl with the cornrows isnt the girl in the pictures that Aventura sings to? How come shes never the one on the phone when someone is singing songs of love? I hate yall.

Sexy Moviemento- Ass.. Ass. Ass. Culo. Nalgas. Ass.

Sorry, first shot was of some ass. Then W & Y, then some ass. NOT A CHICK. JUST HER ASS WALKING AROUND. A faceless ass. Shes not even a person, its the equivalent of the cats that walk around in the Sims games. Just something to set the scene.
W& Y have a caper. They get the jewel. In the end the girls watch as one passes it to theother, the girls toast the guys’ success. Thank God for girls to support men, to help them dress themselves, to be symbols of their power. A man aint a man till he can afford bitches, you know.

Another video came on, but there were a lot of beige women and I said damn, I am TIREd of SEEING ALL THESE BEIGE WOMEN WITH STRAIGHT DARK BROWN HAIR TO A FEW INCHES PAST THEIR BRA STRAP AND DARK BROWN EYES AND POINTY NOSES. Now, I have beige skin and dark brown eyes and rather chestnutty brown hair that, when straight, is about to my bra strap. So I appreciate the irony of what I have said. But if I get tired of seeing women who look like me, you know its bad. Imagine what women who DONT fit that general mold feel?

The thing is- I dont like men with fetishes. I dont like men who get off on a certain look. I dont like the antagonism it causes when other women are resentful because certain ppl put certain women on a pedestal and leave the rest ignored. All but one of the women in my life are darker than I am. Only a fool would believe I want the women I love to be treated as invisible, undesirable or only good for being the big booty bouncy ho and not the woman in the picture frame.I dont like seeing them ignored. There are men who have told me that they wont date women darker than themselves, or a certain color.This is meant as a compliment to me.
But to me it means he wouldnt date my mother, my nieces, my cousin, my aunt. Oh, some of them he would. The ones with sandy hair, pale skin and blue eyes. But not the woman equally closely related who has dark hair, dark skin and dark eyes? If my mother is beneath you, then I am beneath you.If you would date my daughter but not my sisters daughter, to hell with you. One brother has a child that looks like Tyson Beckford, the other a child that looks like Sean Paul. U’d turn your nose up at one? And expect me to LIKE it? expect me to feel complimented?

All this because I was thinking about “slackness” and the “dancehall tourist video”.

BTW, that video was funny initially because the moves were OUTRAGEOUS. It ceased to be funny when the female became distressed. Its one thing if it were consensual and she had been aware of what was coming. If they had planned it. But for him to do that because he thought it would be fun and wild and then sneak it on her, and of course for HIM the fun was enhanced by her being caught totally off guard- that was just wrong. Its bullying and it was an assault. It reminded me of when I was a teen and boys would dunk you in the pool, it was fun for a while, but after a while if they didnt let up the fun was totally onesided and their fun was no longer derived from the mutual enjoyment, but from watching the girls’ distress. Just a straight up power play, male swaggering and domination. It wasnt the sexuality that bothered me. It was the aggression. It was a rape.

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Love the kid, love his voice and his flow. Here are a few clips I scrounged up.

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Magic Juan

I love me some Magic Juan, talk about arroz con beans. Straight up ghetto spanglish music.His flow is so good that I never notice the language switch. He’s been bringing the fire since the Proyecto Uno days.

Ta Buena
“Si tu crees que tu sabes mami, ju know na'”

“Lucky me you aint wearin no draws”

Rompe La Pista!

and the newer one

Mil Horas

I must have missed this when it came out. I need to find this. With Reggaeton getting all the hype some of the older varieties of Latin hip hop are getting crowded out.

Magic Juan Readies Hip-Hop Masterpiece The Sure Bet, Tours The World, Preps Other Business Ventures; Second Album from Former Lead Vocalist of Latin Hip-Hop Pioneers Proyecto Uno Due Later This Year on M.O.B. Recordings

New York, NY–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–October 13, 2005–Magic Juan, former lead vocalist and composer of the internationally acclaimed group Proyecto Uno, is putting the finishing touches on his second solo album, the highly anticipated The Sure Bet. On the collection, which will be released later this year on emerging music powerhouse M.O.B. Recordings, Juan reveals his many personal and emotional dimensions.

Lead singles “Fish Grease” and “Mil Horas” are already heating up at radio.

As he prepares for the release of the follow-up to 2002’s La Prueba, Juan has been touring the world, most recently performing in front of legions of fans in Australia with Latin heavyweight Chayanne.

Later this year, Juan will hit the road with Ivy Queen, Don Omar and Daddy Yankee.

Showing his business skills stretch beyond music, Magic Juan will launch in 2006 his own a liquor brand, Gravity. The blue Long Island Iced Tea will be distributed and promoted internationally. He is also launching his own calling card, The Magic Juan Phone Card.

Magic Juan’s current ventures should not surprise his loyal fans. He wrote and rapped his way to No. 1 with Proyecto Uno on “Brinca!!,” “Latinos” and “El Tiburon,” which were wildly successful in South and Central America, Mexico, Europe and the United States. The Washington Heights, New York, native also flexed his acting skills in independent films such as Harlem Blues and Buscando Un Sueno with Lauren Velez.

In 2002, Magic Juan kept his music career hot by releasing La Prueba, which included the hits “La Ultima vez” with Eddy Herrera and “Meniando La Pera.” The album received a nomination for Urban Album of the Year and Juan was nominated as Artist of the Year for Univision’s 2004 Premios lo Nuestro Awards. “La Ultima vez” was also nominated for Tropical Song of the Year at the 2004 Latin Billboard Awards.

A testament to Juan’s accomplishments, the Latin Hip Hop Coalition, which aims at educating and defending artist rights, has just appointed Magic its New York Chairman. No wonder Juan’s fans have dubbed him “El Duro” (The Best) and “El Rey de Santo Domingo” (The Dominican King).

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