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“tiene tremendo CULO”

I may be pushing up on the old traynta ocho this year, I may have teenagers, but that does not mean I do not like the booty music!!

My current song of choice is Magic Juan’s El Celular.While not Miami Bass, it gets me moving.

So I was pleased to see this tribute to Booty Music. We So Horny

I dunno, maybe its kinda off, but I feel sorta cozy and misty eyed when I hear this.

Sally. That Girl!!

DJ Laz

Me So Horny


Da Dip- I was looking for a Real Video and found this. I rather liked it because I still do that at home, dance looking in the mirror with my shirt hiked up. I actually do it because watching while I dance helps me to isolate my abs and I’d rather dance for a workout than do crunches. When I was 16 we did that dance they did in House Party, a LOT of hip hopping. When I was 20 it was Patra and the Helicopter. Girls,we may get old but we dont grow up!!

AS a woman and mother I feel sort of weird posting these videos. But the honest to god truth is that I admire the skills it takes to move like that. My fascination isn’t sexual, its athletic. I love watching people move in a very sinuous way, all rolling joints and no hard angles.

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