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I am SO glad to see Yaviah back on the scene!

Me La Llevo– Wisin y Yandel, Franco El Gorila and Yaviah- 4*
This shit is hot.There is still a techno feel and some vocorder action going, but its not as beat deprived as the stuff from their last cd. And Franco is delivering the cock diesel vocals as always. Plus Yaviah is there as sexy as ever. Very good song for dancing.

Jangueo y Aventura- Arcangel, Nengo Flow, Yaga y Mackie, Guayo Man & OG Black 4*
This one is sort of iffy, it takes a few for me to get into it, but once I do its on. La Maravilla is the best on the track, IMO.

Ganas de Ti Merengue Version- Arcangel f Los Galaktikos 4*
Mr Breathless is singing some merengue and it has a bit of a disco hustle feel. I’m pegging the beat as Dominican rather than Puerto Rican. Actually,its got a New York Dominican feel to it. He totally sounds like a girl and this totally sounds like the late 70’s or 80’s to me. Maybe this is his mom singing.

Do I detect some Funky Drummer in there?

Perfecto – Wisin y Yandel, Ivy Queen f Yaviah 3.5*
Yaviah is doin’ his thang. A lil more vocorder than I’d like though. And I’m getting tired of the spacey sound and would like a lil more organic in the skreets of the 3rd world BASS.

Ahora Es Remix Wisin & Yandel f Bimbo 4*
Bimbo is like Franco, he brings it but I wouldn’t let either one back me into a dark corner at a club, you know what I mean? Some shit is best when its kept on wax and off the streets. This is a pretty good club anthem, but Bimbo doesn’t really add anything to it.

Descara Remix- Yomo, Jowell and Randy. Guelo Star and De La Ghetto. 4*
Is this the new Mayor Que Yo? Are there going to be 12 remixes of this with every artist in PR adding a verse? I’m down.

La Loca- MJ 3*
Slow tempo, heavy beats, interesting flow. Nothing new or novel about it, but sometimes you want beans, sometimes rice. This is rice, a solid addition to my collection, good for listening to as I do other things.

El Amor- Tito El Bambino 4*
Shit, I don’t know whats wrong with me. I mean, it has like sparkly fairy dust sounds, violins swelling and blossoming into a Love Boat-esque explosion of love and happiness and shit. Oh wait, its cumbia (merencumbia?) I hadn’t noticed since I think of him as a reggaeton artist. My god this is like a 70’s disco song, it sounds like Disco + TransEurope Express *choo choo choo chook*. Do the Hustle!!! But I like!!

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