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Dime off the Eddie Palmieri Ritmo Caliente CD is a killer. The legendary EP is on the piano, and Herman Olivera, of Conjunto Libre fame, is on the mic.
I love this one because everything is so strong and clear, but with no histrionics and you dont get the feeling that they are working too hard at it. The song isn’t sung so much as interpreted, it is at once insistent and relaxed.


I think this was produced quite well, the piano and percussion are vivid yet they dont overpower the vocals. Everything sounds clean but not sterile. And I have to hand it to both of them, many of the older guys seem to lose their fire, but not these 2, they bring it!

Anyway. Don’t take my word for it, play the clip and hear for yourself. I sort of shorted Herman and let Eddie shine this time, if you want to hear the singing go buy the cd!


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