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I have to give props to the young Dominican American brothers, they are fucking DOING it! Magic Juan, Xtreme, Fulanito, Aventura, Oro Solido, Proyecto Uno. When I look at “latin” music made in the US, it seems that the Dominicanos are the ones who have been mixing it up and putting out the best shit.If we go beyond the mainland and count PR we have 2 words to remember- “Luny Tunes”. Make it 3 words and add “bachaton”.

Lets talk Arroz con Beans- all of the songs below are great mixtures of more traditional Dominican forms of music and black American music from the US.
(I cant remember where to add the quotation marks as most Dominicans, regarless of birthplace or residence, are “black Americans” some identify as African American which can make it harder to describe. Are HipHop merengue and urban bachata blends of Dominican music and African American music or are they African American music in Spanish? I am one of the people who doesn’t want to ignore the latin roots, but who believes also that black latin music made in the US deserves recognition as being part of the black popular music tradition. Salsa, latin jazz, bugalu, merengue hiphop, reggaeton, latin freestyle urban bachata all should be recognized along with jazz, soul, hiphop, dance music and so forth)

El Tiburon


Pecho a Pechuga

Oro Who? Oro solido!!

Maria? Maria Se Fue!


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